“With only a few ears”, Daniella Chávez becomes a bunny

Surely the famous bunny magazine would be looking for it! The beautiful Daniella Chavez She decided to pose in Eva’s outfit for the cameras, but it was not exactly this character she was trying to bring to life, but nothing more and nothing less than a flirtatious bunny.

The beautiful America’s Cup girlfriend He once again made it clear that his unconditional love is with his followers and that is why he shows himself as he is before the cameras and before them through social networks.

To once again delight netizens, the beautiful Daniella Chavez She decided to use only a pair of red ears as an outfit, which she placed on her blonde hair by means of a headband.

Looking really beautiful, Daniella Chávez posed on a black background almost in profile and with complete seriousness like a true professional. The singer Chilean used the position of her arms to cover part of her charms and only that, since most of her curves were fully visible.

The photograph found in fan accounts of the beautiful sportscaster shows a lot of Dany’s skin and even an aspect that few had observed, a pair of dimples on the lower part of her back.


Daniella Chávez turns into a bunny, with only a few ears. Photo: Instagram.

The beautiful Daniella Chávez posed with quite natural makeup and her short, wavy hair, the followers of this beautiful woman took advantage of the post’s comment box to fill her with compliments.

Recently, on Monday, October 18, Dany pampered her followers with a photo of a good start to the week, where of course, her curvy figure was the protagonist. In the image shared on her Twitter account, Daniella Chávez posed from the ground on a carpet and used a beautiful black lace interior outfit as an outfit.

With a really attractive expression, Dany played with her hair while they photographed her and wished all her followers a nice week, as well as asking them to thank her until the end.

The famous Chilean made headlines this week after she shared how her followers could get a free week of access to her private content by supporting her candidate.

Dany has proven to be more than a pretty face and a spectacular body, the blonde talks about football well, than about social causes or power. On this occasion, Chávez seeks a change for his country, Chile.

Another fact well known to her followers is that Daniella loves her team and supports and defends her at all times; That is why since the previous matches it has been a party, as this beautiful woman takes photographs in support of the players. In addition, during the matches, the model remains active on Twitter commenting on the plays and showing annoyance and happiness like the entire fans.

Since his foray into Televisa Deportes, Daniella Chavez she stole the hearts of the Mexicans, she was part of the Copa América team and for this she received the nickname of The Bride of the Copa América.

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“With only a few ears”, Daniella Chávez becomes a bunny