With tears, Rosie Rivera announces that she is moving away from her family: “I don’t want to be in a toxic environment”

The Rivera dynasty it has been in the eye of the hurricane for years with its lawsuits and controversies. After the death of the singer Jenni Rivera, the family was never the same again and Apparently for years things have not been good between them, this was announced by Rosie Rivera.

On his YouTube channel ‘Courage, encouragement and peace’, assured that he will stay away from his family, who resides in the city of Los Angeles, because he wants to stay in a “healthy, non-toxic environment.”

“I don’t want to be here, in a toxic environment, which is not healthy for me”I’m not talking about anything specific, just what I have experienced in recent years. I don’t want to be here anymore, I want to get out of this environment so I can heal. It’s not just that I want to, I need to get out of this environment. “

Rosie still does not heal the loss of Jenni Rivera

Although he did not give a specific reason for his decision the Rivera suffer from distancing from long ago And, in addition, Rosie stated that she has not fully overcome the death of Jenni Rivera, who suffered a terrible plane crash in which she lost her life in Monterrey, Mexico.

“I don’t know if I have healed my sister’s death completely, I do not think so. I think I have a lot to heal, because sometimes I can’t talk about her without crying and it’s been 9 years. “

Putting family first affected Rosie Rivera’s marriage

The businesswoman also posted two other videos in the last 48 hours. In one he shows the visit to his sister’s grave and in the other he tells how choosing the Rivera family over her husband Abel Flores was “the worst mistake.”

“I damaged my marriage by making my family number one. I believed that my family would never leave me, that I would be together forever and the mistake I made when Jenni was still here was that my husband wanted to spend time with me. It was 10 o’clock at night, I told him it was late, but as soon as Jenni or Lupe called, I would leave. “

Rosie Rivera clarified that she does not plan to walk away forever, until she feels ready.

“For me it is not the place for the moment. I plan to return, but when I am healthy. I have to heal many of the things that I have experienced in this time with fans of my sister, with the media, with family, with businesses, with things that I have done. “

Rosie Rivera took over Jenni Rivera’s inheritance

The singer’s sister has been executor of Jenni Rivera’s millionaire inheritance since the singer died on December 9, 2012. In May 2021, Rosie Rivera reported that she would stop taking over and weeks later it came to light that Johnny López, supported by his sister Chiquis, had requested an audit to Jenni Rivera Enterprises.

The differences within the family were exposed with this request and the statements that Johhny made for El Gordo and La Flaca in June. “The truth is, I don’t care much about money, I have had many difficult life lessons and I know that money is not going to make me happy. What I wanted to do with accounting is see the reaction, how they (their uncles) were going to behave and I was not surprised, look at the scandal that has been made“he declared.

According to Juan Rivera, the result of the audit was delivered in October 2021.

Currently the transition of the management of the fortune and assets of Jenni Rivera is taking place. It will be Jacqie Rivera, one of the daughters of the late singer, who will take the baton.

Why are the Riveras divided?

In general, the family has experienced various problems, such as conflicts over the copyright of some songs and the management of Jenni Rivera’s inheritance, among others.

Juan Rivera mentioned last October, for the First Hand program, that not everyone talks to his mother Rosa Saavedra and that next Thanksgiving could only be with her Rosie, Pedro, him and their children, making it clear that the others will not attend.


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With tears, Rosie Rivera announces that she is moving away from her family: “I don’t want to be in a toxic environment”