With the most tender photo of her baby, Iran Castillo shows off how much she has grown

since you arrived Demianin the House of iran castle all the members of his family have taken out his talent as a photographer. With endearing snapshots of the baby, the actress and Pepe Ramos have shared on Instagram more special images of the little one who, on March 9, turned a month. Among the most outstanding photos, the one shared a few hours ago by Demian’s proud father stands out, who was in charge of showing the most tender photo of the baby. It is one in which the sleeping baby appears, while he smiles: “Our puppy”wrote Pepe Ramos, a sentimental couple from Iran.

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Moved by her baby’s gesture, Iran Castillo shared this photo in her stories, but added a message dedicated to her fiancé: “I love you my sky. Thank you for being the father of this beautiful soul”. Just a few days ago, the actress shared the first solo image of her children, Irka and Demian, whom she captured while her children looked tenderly into her eyes: “Morning Brotherly Love”Iran wrote about the photo with which she moved her followers with whom she has been sharing very closely the details of her baby’s first month, she has even been using her profile to share content with which she seeks to help other mothers who are living postpartum.

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A few days ago, Iran Castillo shared a photo of her carrying her baby on her feed. The actress confessed that this position in which the little one fell asleep is her favorite and explained why: “My favorite position of the day. When I have my baby like this, I feel how we connect, he listens to the beating of my heart and I feel all the energy of his Bella of him and that’s how we stay feeling ”. For the actress, the arrival of Demian is a dream come true, especially after a doctor told her that it was almost impossible for her to get pregnant; however, shortly after, the news that her little one was coming from her on her way made her know that this second motherhood was destined for her.

Weeks before the birth of their son, Iran and Pepe Ramos made a Live on Instagram where they announced how they found out that they would be parents: “It seemed practically impossible for us to get pregnant, but Iran and I thought it was possible”, recalled the life coach. Because the outlook was not encouraging, the actress returned to work and left the motherhood plan postponed: “I started the soap opera and the first month everything was super good, the second month, I started to feel kind of bad and I said: ‘Maybe I have Covid, again’ (…) Until Pepe told me: ‘How long has it been since does it go down, my love?’, so we already did the test, homemade and it came out positive. I was a bit in shock.”Iran recalled.


Welcome Damian!

Happy for the arrival of the new member of their family, Iran Castillo and Pepe Ramos used their Instagram accounts to welcome their baby who was born on the afternoon of February 9. With an image with which she paid tribute to her motherhood, the actress wrote: “Any words I put here would not be enough to express my joy and happiness. Welcome Damian! We love you with all our being. Thank you for filling us with this love”. For his part, the proud father of the baby shared the first image of the baby with a nice message: “In a new chapter of my series: ‘There are days when I feel like I’m going to die of an overdose of happiness’, we present to you: the birth of our son”wrote.

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With the most tender photo of her baby, Iran Castillo shows off how much she has grown