Without a ring but holding hands: the romantic photo that Mauro Icardi published with Wanda Nara

The WandaGate does not give in and the news is minute by minute

The scandal between Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi, which had La China Suárez as third in contention, gives us no truce. In the last hours, the athlete had two new gestures towards his partner on social networks. She, for her part, doesn’t even mention it in hers.

Let’s remember that the weekend Mauro had had a digital skid: he published a photo in which Wanda is seen sleeping with her hand inside his boxer shorts. “When you are in a single mood on Instagram but at night you come to ask for forgiveness. They were? It is not clear to me”, Icardi wrote on his Instagram account, and in a later story he added: “I’m going to bed. Good night people”.

Shortly after becoming a trend for its unfortunate publication, the footballer decided to delete it. And apparently, Wanda blocked him for a while or he stopped following her, since you could see the number zero in the “followed” part of her profile.

It is that last piece of information that has now changed. The forward returned to follow his wife and also joined his current club, Paris Saint-Germain. After the scandal broke out, the footballer had some twists and turns with the team, he had not even shown up to train for a few days.

Finally, the most recent virtual gesture by Icardi towards Wanda is an Instagram story where the interlocking hands of both are seen and the message: “Having breakfast with love”, that Mauro wrote next to a heart and enrapturing the media businesswoman. In the photo, in addition, you can see a mate and the ring fingers of the two, in which they have the name of each one tattooed, as a wedding band.

Mauro Icardi's new publication
Mauro Icardi’s new publication

More than a week after the scandalous announcement on social networks by Wanda Nara when last Saturday she published the phrase in the afternoon “Another family that you charged for a bitch”, The businesswoman continues to maintain virtual exchanges with her more than nine million followers and this Sunday was no exception.

Wanda published an image in which she is seen eating some baguettes in the streets of Paris, with a beret included, which she accompanied with a message from her present and a question: “My Sunday. And you?”. Immediately, many users remarked that Nara still does not wear her wedding ring and is closer to asking Mauro Icardi for a divorce than to reconciliation, despite the fact that the PSG player insists on his part to show that the couple has already passed the crisis.

The minute by minute of the WandaGate does not yield and the posting until the moment of publication of this note already added more than 500 thousand “Likes” and thousands of comments, which interpreted the image as a response to a photo uploaded by China Suárez to her Instagram account, in which she is also seen eating, in her case, an ice cream. An action of reactions from both sides that was repeated during these days.

For its part, Eugenia la China Suárez, who is designated as the third in contention, begins to resume her usual activity on social networks. After the extensive discharge where she responded to all those who criticized her for the virtual flirtation she had with the PSG striker, Magnolia’s mother, Rufina and Amancio is happy, enjoying his last days in Madrid, before returning to our country.


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Without a ring but holding hands: the romantic photo that Mauro Icardi published with Wanda Nara