Witnesses to the death of Octavio Ocaña were threatened by the police: “They were afraid”

versions around actor’s death Octavio Ocana continue to give something to talk about, and although the authorities determined that the 22-year-old was the cause of his death by activating the firearm he was carrying, his sister makes new revelations in which he revealed the progress of the investigations that his family is doing.

It was during an interview for the program ‘First Hand’, where Bertha Ocaña revealed that on December 22 the two witnesses who witnessed the death of the interpreter of “Benito” in the series ‘Vecinos’ appeared at the Prosecutor’s Office to render their statements again, since they were unaware of the statements that they had given at the beginning.

Bertha stressed that David N, a mechanic who accompanied Ocana, denies hearing a bang, which had been made known in his first statements; while Jonathan N, the other tailor trade companion, denied having seen a gun.

With this, he assured they have all the elements to prove that their brother did not shoot himself, in addition to the fact that there is already a complaint for false statements against the police officers, specifically about an officer who claimed to have fired only once Well, there is evidence that the truck has four bullet wounds..

They took advantage of how things happened. They were based on the statements of the police, not on how things happened. They make an expert opinion and a mechanics of facts within hours“said the young woman.

He also stressed that they are trusting the authorities so that those responsible do not flee, because the truth has to be reached and this injustice has to be paid for.

They were very wrong because we are going to clarify things yes or yes“, he sentenced.

Bertha Ocaña also stated that the witnesses are threatened by the same police from the municipality of Cuautitlán Izcalli, who have forced them to lie in their first statements.

They were afraid, they were threatened and even we have already asked for protection measures for them and they have not given them to us. It should also be mentioned that we are protecting them with our possibilities”, he added.

A little over two months after the tragedy occurred, Finally, the reasons why the police began the persecution that ended the life of the actor are coming to light., as Bertha also pointed out that the only crime her brother committed was to play the music at full volume.

Coming driving with the music at full volume and with the windows up in a vehicle that seemed suspicious to them. They start a chase without knowing who is coming inside, they start shooting, triggering a weapon, even risking the entire population,” he added.

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Witnesses to the death of Octavio Ocaña were threatened by the police: “They were afraid”