Ximena Navarrete is already the mother of a girl, and reveals details of her birth

As he dreamed and wished on many occasions, the beautiful Miss Universe 2010, Ximena Navarrete She is already the mother of a princess and reveals details of the baby, who from this December 8, will be the entire owner of her life.

The 33-year-old model Ximena Navarrete, became mother for the first time, after several attempts to pregnant, and through Hola magazine, he shared a bit of what will most certainly be the most important day of his life, the birth of his first-born, whom he will name Ximena, like her.

According to the publication of the magazine, the beautiful Guadalajara gave birth through Caesarean sectionWell, as we know, her pregnancy was very careful, although she passed it very calmly and without major problems.

Just this morning Ximena Navarrete She shared on her Instagram account that on this day she reached 40 weeks of pregnancy, so she underwent a cesarean section. In the image she published, which is part of one of her last pregnancy photoshoots, she looks charming in a winter outfit of beige ribbed pants and sweater, with which she showed off her belly to the max.

According to the magazine, both the new mother and the little Ximena Valladares Navarrete, are in perfect condition, recovering from surgery in a private hospital in San Luis Potosi, where the couple resides, and where her husband was born, the employer Juan Carlos Valladares.

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The baby of Ximena Navarrete she weighed 3,970 kilograms and was 52 centimeters tall, was born healthy and looks like a doll! The former beauty queen imagined that her first daughter would look like her husband, after seeing her once on the ultrasound.

The most anticipated baby

Undoubtedly, Ximena is a highly desired and beloved girl since before she was born, as they have been looking for her for quite some time, after having lost her first baby in August 2018, one year after having married Juan Carlos Valladares in 2017.

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That is why the couple underwent different tests and treatments to become parents, achieving pregnancy through in vitro fertilization. The couple shared the happy news of their pregnancy last June, pleasantly surprising his followers, who wished him well.

“When you receive such wonderful news, after going through such difficult moments, the joy is immense,” he said at the time.

Finally, a few days ago, through his Instagram stories, Ximena Navarrete She held a question and answer session with her followers, where she confessed that, despite sharing her happiness and some aspects of her pregnancy and her role as a mother, she prefers to keep some things private.

“I have shared with you some things about my pregnancy, but not absolutely everything. Sharing the situation of my treatment is because thousands of women go and will go through the same thing, but there are always parts that remain private ”, he assured.

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Ximena Navarrete is already the mother of a girl, and reveals details of her birth