Yadhira Carrillo’s nephew is dragged by the train

  • Yadhira Carrillo receives shocking news
  • His nephew, Saúl Carrillo Manríquez, is dragged by the train and suffers a terrible death
  • So far, the Mexican actress has not expressed herself publicly

It was in the first days of September that Yadhira Carrillo commented in an interview that she has lived in mourning since her husband, the renowned lawyer Juan Collado, has been in jail, just over two years ago, and now, the Mexican actress received shocking news : his nephew, Saúl Carrillo Manríquez, was dragged by the train, suffering a terrible death.

So far, the artist, who participated in soap operas such as Amarte es mi sin, Barrera de amor, La otra, and Palabra de mujer, has not spoken on her different social networks about him. death of the young man, it is even striking that he does not make publications with a certain frequency. Rest in peace Saúl Carrillo Manríquez.

Yadhia Carrillo, indifferent to the death of his nephew?

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With more than 375 thousand followers on his official account Instagram, Yadhira Carrillo has made 233 publications so far, most of them emphasizing the work he does for dog adoptions. In one of her last television appearances, the artist met on Televisa’s Hoy program to talk about this issue.

In her most recent publication, dated May 25, the Mexican actress invited her followers not to miss the broadcast of the telenovela La Otra, where she had an outstanding participation playing two characters, Carlota and Cordelia: “ It’s a delicious story, with some super beautiful locations, “he said (TO WATCH THE VIDEO, CLICK HERE).

Yadhira Carrillo’s nephew died from looking at his cell phone

Yadhira Carrillo's nephew died from looking at his cell phone
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At the time of writing, very little information has been derived from the terrible death suffered by Yadhira Carrillo’s nephew, named Saúl Carrillo Manríquez. In the image we share, you can see the young man accompanied by his partner and his two little daughters enjoying a very pleasant time in a tourist destination.

Through the Twitter account of La Comadrita, it was reported that Saúl, 36 years old and residing in the state of Aguscalientes, in Mexico, was hit and dragged by the train, but the worst of all was that this was he could have avoided it, since the young man, according to witnesses, “was on his cell phone,” so he did not realize that the train was getting closer and closer.

It is quite a tragedy, a death that could be avoided

It is quite a tragedy, a death that could be avoided
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“Rejoice and be happy forever (…) Crying will no longer be heard. They will build houses and live in them; they will plant vineyards and eat their fruit ”, says the biblical speech dedicated to the memory of Saúl Carrillo Manríquez, nephew of Mexican actress Yadhira Carrillo, who died a terrible death when dragged by the train.

In this same account, it was announced that it was yesterday that a mass was held for the eternal rest of the young man, so the condolences on social networks did not wait for some users. And Yadhira Carrillo ?: “How ugly, very young; death comes to everyone at the right time. May his soul rest in peace”.

Yadhira Carrillo, considered “the third in contention” between Juan Collado and Leticia Calderón

Yadhira Carrillo, considered as "the third in discord" between Juan Collado and Leticia Calderón
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After the uproar caused by the actress and singer Maite Perroni, now that she confirmed her relationship with the producer Andrés Tovar, who was married to Claudia Martín and whose separation was caused by an infidelity, it is worth highlighting some controversial relationships between celebrities by a “third in discord”.

From the arrest of lawyer Juan Collado, to his controversial relationship with Yadhira Carrillo, there was a cordial relationship between her and Leticia Calderón, but after her incarceration, everything exploded between them. During an interview in 2007, Leticia, who was Collado’s wife and with whom he had two children, declared that their relationship had ended because he was unfaithful to Yadhira (With information from Agencia El Universal).

She spent a Valentine’s Day alone, karma?

She spent a Valentine's Day alone, karma?
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As mentioned above, it is striking that in his social networks, in addition to not posting as frequently, Yadhira Carrillo has chosen to upload images of the work he does in favor of dog adoptions, but in a photograph that was uploaded in the past Valentine’s Day, he couldn’t take it anymore and opened his heart.

“Happy Valentine’s Day with life, with children, with a partner, with friends, with animals. Happy day to those who love work, laughter, travel. Happy day to the passionate, to the dreamers, to those who fight without lowering their arms, to those who make you smile, to those who listen, those who accompany, those who embrace with the heart and soul. Happy day to those who celebrate love in all its forms and nuances ”(Filed under: Yadhira Carrillo’s nephew is dragged by the train).

Lety Calderón finally reveals that Yadhira Carrillo did ‘break’ his marriage and they will never be friends

Lety Calderón finally reveals that Yadhira Carrillo did'break' his marriage and they will never be friends
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Through an interview that the journalist Lucho Borrego made with the actress Lety Calderón about her relationship with Juan Collado and his wife, Yadhira Carrillo, the Mexican with colored eyes clarified some accounts about her children and the whole issue of the love triangle. Lety was sincere and finally accepted that Yadhira did break up her marriage.

“I fight, I swear to you that all my life I have tried to be peaceful… when Juan left me, maybe the first month it was so rough, I was angry of course, I was hurt, it cost me a month… I always thought that ‘ I’m going to see Juan my whole life because we have two children in common, ‘”the Mexican actress began.

Lety Calderón was honest with the host of Suelta la Sopa

Lety Calderón was honest with the host of Suelta la Sopa
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After suffering for a month from Juan Collado’s betrayal with Yadhira Carrillo, Lety Calderón added: “I understood that if he left, what could I do? I tried to give her my best, I tried to be the best wife, she didn’t like my way, my way, nothing happens, I think that you can’t force people to do anything, “she commented.

She also commented that there was a time when she insisted that she see her children, but Juan Collado was the one who did not want to see them: “I told her ‘hey, take the children on vacation, take them home, or a weekend during the week, hey they play you too ‘”, given the clear denial that Yadhira Carillo had said, it was Lety who did not allow Juan to see them.

Juan Collado did not want to see Lety Calderón’s children

Juan Collado did not want to see Lety Calderón's children
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As a result of Lety Calderón insisting that her children live with Juan Collado, it was the moment when Yadhira Carrillo appeared on the scene and in the family dynamics: “I told him: ‘I’ll take them’ and I said ‘just leave to give this girl (Yadhira) my phone… ”, but she never expected to be scared by one of the children.

“I have always told my children that when they go to their father’s house and she was there, one of my children told me: ‘Mom, it scared me, forgive me, I was going to go upstairs and she was there and I ran …’, that It should be noted that I designed that house, but hey… ”, making a clear allusion to the fact that Yadhira Carrillo was taking advantage of everything, including the house.

One of Lety Calderón’s children ‘got scared’ with Yadhira Carrillo

One of Lety Calderón's children'got scared' with Yadhira Carrillo
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To the scare that Yadhira Carrillo gave one of her children, the Mexican actress Lety Calderón assured that she asked her child if he had greeted her and having a negative answer, she reprimanded him because that is not the education that she has given them, as he commented: “Very badly done,” he said in this interview for the program Suelta la sopa.

But to the express question of the host of Suelta la soup if Yadhira Carrillo and Lety Calderón at a certain moment could be closer as friends or even work together on a soap opera or television project, the blonde was very concise with her answer and impacted everybody…

Lety Calderón admits that Yadhira Carrillo ‘got into’ her marriage

Lety Calderón admits that Yadhira Carrillo'got into' her marriage
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“I’ll be honest with you, I don’t like being a hypocrite, so if there is a need to do it, I will do it… I think that when someone breaks a relationship, when they have spoken things that have hurt me because they have attacked my children, no I can tell you: ‘oh yes, tomorrow I’ll put her on the Christmas list’, but I can tell you that there has always been a respect on my part for her, “he concluded.

The war of bickering between Lety Calderón and Yadhira Carrillo rekindled rispidences between them due to the interviews that Juan Collado’s wife currently gives before visiting hours at the jail where he is being held, and even at times when the talk is focuses more on the ex, than on what happens to the lawyer. HERE YOU CAN SEE THE VIDEO.

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Yadhira Carrillo’s nephew is dragged by the train