Yanet García with null garment, raises the heat in her fans

The famous “former Weather Girl”, Yanet Garciaonce again I choose to pose in a garment on his torso and with thread, leaving very little to the imagination of his millions of followers and of course managing to raise the temperature as much as possible.

Yanet García, who rose to fame as the “Climate Girl”, raised the temperature again by posing without a top and only with a garment of threads that covered her hips.

As you can see, Yanet García continues to provoke all kinds of reactions within social networks, where she once again appeared posing very scantily clad.

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This is how with his characteristic style he managed to pamper the pupil of his most demanding admirers.

It is worth mentioning that the model Mexican has become a celebrity within the famous Instagram social network, a social profile in which it has about 15 million followers.

It is there where they admire her beauty and stylized silhouette that she has achieved after several years of training and a healthy lifestyle.

However, despite the fact that she rose to fame thanks to her work as a television host, obtaining the title of “Climate Girl” from the program ‘Hoy’, she has also managed to conquer the hearts of those who follow her through virtual communities. .

With them, he shares flirtatious photographs that raise the temperature because in them he appears posing with the minimum of clothing and on some occasions he leaves very little to the imagination.

This is how he appeared in one of his most recent publications, in which he posed in profile for the camera topless and only with a garment of threads that covered his hips.


As expected, the Monterrey native received recognition from her fans, who in a few hours rated the flirtatious postcard with thousands of reactions, in addition to comments in which they recognized how beautiful it looks.

An emoji of a red heart and one of fire was the simple text that Lewis Howes’s ex-partner chose as a caption for his publication on the camera network.

What a spectacular photo you are beautiful Yanet García, beautiful”, “Don’t suck that asshole cheats on this woman!”, “My God looks like a princess, a vision that casts a spell on a man”, were some of the most prominent messages.

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Yanet García with null garment, raises the heat in her fans