Yanfri, the boy who became an ‘influencer’: passing fame that would not be a fairy tale

Quickly, the recording spread to the various networks. Until rapper ‘Ice Cube’ shared Yanfri on one of his Instagram stories, at the end of November, a few days after publication.

Since then, the Afro-descendant child -that lives in a humble area of ​​that municipality submerged in poverty and abandoned– He caught the attention of the national media that interviewed him on radio, press and television.

Also famous like Luisa Fernanda W who took a photo with him, and recently from ‘El Mindo’ who celebrated his 4th birthday, on December 21.

So fast has been the fame that Yanfri Díaz Quiñonez has gained, that already has its own social networks; it even promotes some brands and was hired by Netflix for a Christmas campaign, as seen in his official account of Instagram, where he has more than 6,500 followers.

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The above has already made him an ‘influencer’, due to his charisma, intelligence and due to diseases you suffer from: a hypothyroidism that retards its growth (it measures only 77 centimeters) and a hypoglycemia that causes seizures.

But nevertheless, his fame has awakened all kinds of loves and hates. Some admire him and others, as is common among ‘influencer’, criticize him.

This situation was questioned by the ICBF director, Lina Arbeláez, who mentioned that overexposing minors on the Internet can “express itself through difficulties in sleeping and eating, loss of interest, irritability, fear”, quotes El Tiempo.

This is how Yanfri’s life changed

The same media stated that the 4-year-old boy fell into the “toxic and superficial” world of social networks, which builds “clay idols that melt after 15 seconds.”

For now, in his homeland he remains a celebrity. Receive attentions, expensive gifts, wears designer clothes, sunglasses and even wears gold chains, adds the journal.

And as with all content creators who receive gifts, they are almost forced to promote the brands that deliver them and with which they show their new image.

“I hope people never stop loving him because that would be very hard”, fears his uncle Bernardo Díaz, quoted in the middle. In addition, he says that there are people taking advantage of his nephew situation to scam him.

For now, a well-known digital marketing company told El Tiempo that it is advising the child on the subject of interviews, advertising and preventing him and his followers from falling for scams, the form revealed.

Meanwhile, Daniel Vivas, president of another digital marketing agency, says:

“It can be a quarter of an hour and in a few days or weeks or months it becomes a landscape. They have the opportunity to go beyond momentary fame […]. They must be linked to a foundation or social project and know how to manage their account very well, because the day they stop receiving so much attention, [el niño] it may collapse ”, and that landscape will blur.

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Yanfri, the boy who became an ‘influencer’: passing fame that would not be a fairy tale