Yeison Jiménez says he revived his dog after it was poisoned

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Currently, one of the Colombian regional music singers that gives the most to talk about on social networks is Yeison JimenezThis is thanks to his recent appearance on national television every night on singing quiz shows. Jiménez was Natalia Jiménez’s guest coach in ‘La Voz Kids’ and ‘La Voz Senior’, now he does the same as jury of ‘My name is’.

Through his social networks, Jiménez also generates different content for his more than 3 million followers, especially about his personal life. Among that are stories and live broadcasts in which tells details of what happens in their day to day, good or bad, with his wife, daughters and Valentino, the family dog.

In the last hours, Jiménez made a live broadcast in which he spoke about several things, but one of them stole the hearts of his followers. This story involved his dog Valentino whom the singer saved his life after he was poisoned.

“The little dog was not listening to me. At one point the puppy is coming towards the house, but he threw himself back. When the dog pulls back, I say: ‘mari … this is not normal, it is not right, “explained the regional music singer. Then he added that the dog began to convulse, became stiff and with a purple tongue; All this was happening in front of the whole family and, according to Jiménez, his daughters, his wife and the house employees began to cry.

In the midst of despair, Jiménez did some first aid actions on the dog, even though the animal was already dead. “The dog was dead. He was totally dead on the floor, he wasn’t breathing. His tongue turned black. I, in my ignorance, begin to put pressure on the dog’s stomach and chest. I did not see another, I took the puppy and gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. She kept massaging his lungs, reviving him. The dog was dead, stiff, with a purple tongue and out”.

Surprisingly, the regional artist’s actions worked and, after doing this and filling the dog with air four times, Valentino began to breathe very slowly. Noticing that the animal was recovering, Yeison Jiménez decided to start his truck, in which he recently had an accident, and transfer your pet to a veterinary clinic.

When Jiménez made the live broadcast telling this story, on the night of Sunday, November 7, the artist added that he had to leave Valentino hospitalized. “He has been in the clinic for two days, he hardly eats, but it seems that we saved it”, Clarified the singer, words with which he surprised the more than 4,000 people who were connected, since several of them had already lamented the death of Valentino in their comments.

After this, the artist added that “I never thought that through God and my reaction I was going to revive the puppy” and also explained what the vet had told him. After attending Valentino and performing some medical tests, he set about establishing that the puppy’s death had been caused by poisoning.

“They found slug poison in his blood,” explained the singer and pointed out that it is not known how the animal was poisoned, “suddenly one of the neighbors, or ourselves, who knows what the puppy ate.” In addition, he added that the death of the animal would have been very hard for the whole family, since Valentino is one more member of the family nucleus, he pointed out that for him it is like another son.

In the last hours, Yeison Jiménez went to see Valentino at the vet and showed, through his Instagram stories, that the dog is in good shape and in fact very happy to see the whole family again.


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Yeison Jiménez says he revived his dog after it was poisoned