Yesenia Valencia, from ‘La Reina del Flow’ 2, denounces mistreatment in Mexico

Last Thursday, Colombian actress Yesenia Valencia, remembered for her participation in ‘La Reina del Flow 2’, published a video on her social networks denouncing that she had been a victim of violence at an airport in Mexico when security personnel opened her suitcase without her consent, destroying most of her belongings.

Valencia described that this is not the first time this has happened to him, since on another occasion in which he was previously in that country they also opened his suitcase and searched his belongings without his presence.

“I find it terrible that they open your suitcase without you being there; I even asked about it on Twitter and they told me that it was so, that one has to put up with it, ”said the actress in her video.

This time, Valencia pointed out that at the time he went to look for his luggage, he could not find it anywhere. Given this, the actress decided to ask someone from the staff in charge of her for help.

When they realized, her suitcase was wrapped in safety plastic, which made the Colombian very curious. Upon removing the wrapper, he realized that his belongings had been searched.

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“When I took my suitcase out of the plastic it was destroyed (…), damaged, they damaged the closure. She was open, they had searched her and I swear I feel like I’ve been raped, “said the actress.

As Valencia had previously explained, this security protocol is very common in Mexico. However, he expressed that it did not seem fair and that it was a violation of human rights.

“I feel violated, I feel outraged because, in addition, I feel that I do not deserve this. This is very aggressive, call me and I’ll open it, don’t worry I’ll open my suitcase, I have no problem showing what I’m carrying. Don’t do that, it’s aggressive against a human being,” the actress desperately assured.

The Colombian could not contain her tears by showing how denigrated she had felt with what had happened.

“If you are not sure that that suitcase contains cocaine, which is what they are looking for, then call the owner. This situation does not seem cool to me, ”added Valencia.

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Seeing what had happened to her suitcase, the actress asked the staff in charge for an explanation, who stated that her luggage had been opened at the El Dorado airport in Bogotá.

However, Valencia stated that she did not believe in this version, since she travels constantly and in the only country where this has happened to her is in Mexico.

The actress asked her followers to spread the video and/or to indicate with which entity it is possible to file a complaint so that this type of situation does not occur again.

In the publication, several Instagram users stated that there have already been several complaints on this subject, but that the authorities have not spoken about it or done anything to stop it from happening.

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“My Yese, it also happened to me in CDMX and another woman’s underwear appeared in my suitcase. The curious thing about all this is that they have us crossed out, but they are the owners of drug trafficking even in Colombia”, commented a user.

“This is not new! We have been like this for decades and this happens by having the seal on the forehead of being Colombians. The State knows it and they do nothing”, added another follower.

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Yesenia Valencia, from ‘La Reina del Flow’ 2, denounces mistreatment in Mexico