Yidda Eslava cries and says that Julián Zucchi no longer loves her: “He told me that he no longer wants to be with me”

For a few days, the name of returned to the headlines, after his confession that or autism earlier this year. Now, in addition to her brave confession, which came with an explanation that autism is not a disease, her name has once again been a trend on social networks, by launching a comment about her still husband .

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And, Yiddá Eslava is very active on social networks and a comment about her relationship with her husband Julián Zucchi has been widely commented on and criticized on social networks.

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“Well compadres and comadres, how are you? I am with this face because, Mr. Zucchi has told me that he no longer wants to be with me, that he no longer loves me ”, expressed Yiddá Eslava. Immediately the father of his children responded in dismay: “When did I say that?”, Denying the accusation of the actress.

You told me ‘I’m not going to continue appearing in your stories moving the sh **, that’s enough“Added Yidda Eslava before the astonished gaze of her partner. Could it be that we are talking about a new sentimental breakup? One more joke on this couple? Most likely, it is the latter.


Slavic Yidda He used his social networks to reveal for the first time a very personal aspect of his family life. And it is that she and her oldest son were recently diagnosed with ASD, the autism spectrum disorder.

The actress said that from a very young age she had some problems expressing herself and many made her feel less and affected her self-esteem. Oral language difficulties are one of the many ways in which ASD manifests itself in those who have it.

“In the fourth grade they told my mother that she had to repeat the year because she was a” mentally retarded “for not knowing how to read … She knew how to read and very well, only as a child she mentally read every word in my head three times before to say it, all so as not to be mistaken … They never asked me why I read like that? They just TAGGED ME, making me feel less, ”he wrote in an Instagram post.

He also commented that when he decided to leave Combate (ATV’s ‘reality’ program), many producers and acquaintances asked him not to resign because he was not going to find something better, minimizing his abilities. “But for me, those words fed my impetus and thirst to grow so much that I would have to yell at them so they can hear me,” he said.


Slavic Yidda She said on Instagram that she always felt that she ‘spoke another language’ and her sincerity was daring, since she saw the world in a way that only she understood. In that sense, he revealed that one of his sons was diagnosed with autism this year.

“It was not difficult for me to understand the signs, those that wanted to rewrite my story, answer those many questions that I had been asking throughout my life”, commented. Thus, he decided to undergo an evaluation and it turned out that he also had this condition.

“We are more similar than different, and they always followed an autistic woman, WHY YES… I discovered and understood that I WAS NOT CRAZY, THAT I AM JUST AN AUTIST. That is why I decided to write this book, to tell in detail everything I experienced in this process “, Indian.

Finally, in a Facebook live, he said that his sister also has autism, and although it is not a hereditary condition, it does have a genetic component.


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Yidda Eslava cries and says that Julián Zucchi no longer loves her: “He told me that he no longer wants to be with me”