Yolanda Andrade revealed the reason why Fernando Colunga left “Malverde”: “The saint did not want it”

Photos: Archive
Photos: Archive

The television host, Yolanda andrade, who has caused controversy on different occasions for his devotion to Malverde, the so-called “Santo de los narcos”, assured that the actor Fernando Colunga, who in the beginning I was going to play Jesús Malverde in the fiction of Telemundo, He could not perform his role because the Saint “did not want it.”

During an interview with Maxine Woodside, the host narrated that a few months ago, when the scandal broke out in the production following the resignation of the series for unknown reasons, she had the revelation that Malverde himself disagreed with Colunga interpreting him.

“I’m going to tell you, Maxine, because you are the queen of radio. When everything about Colunga was happening, I was eating with Mónica Noguera and Jorge Campos and then I told them: ‘You know what, he’s not going to be.’ And he started laughing, ‘No, it’s not going to be because he (Malverde) doesn’t want to (I told them)”, He narrated to the air in the Radio Fórmula space.

Subsequently, The actress assured that she maintains a “friendship” with the saint and even assured that she is his representative in Mexico City and invited listeners to put him to the test, as she has done on different occasions. In addition, he said that, unlike Colunga, Pedro Fernández is a good option to play Malverde.

Photo: Twitter / @ TVAztecaJalisco
Photo: Twitter / @ TVAztecaJalisco

As he told, Fernández himself went to a chapel of the so-called “The Generous Bandit” to ask for permission and to be able to play the role in fiction. Although he did not specify which of the chapels that have been raised the “Saint” attended.

We need to remember that the poetry in the series began when Telemundo television announced the sudden departure of Fernando Colunga in February of this year, a production that would have meant the return of the soap opera heartthrob to television. At the moment, neither the actor nor the production of the series explained the reason for this decision.

Colunga even recorded spots promotional and managed to film certain scenes, however, it surprised the public that suddenly it became known that the actor “got off the boat” to continue waiting for another project on television.

This opened the way to a series of speculations, from the alleged fear of contracting COVID-19 that the actor would have, to alleged threats from organized crime. Later, the actor Pedro Fernández took his place. At the time of announcing that he was taking Colunga’s place, he wrote a message for the devotees of the Saint on his Instagram account.

Pedro Fernández stars in Telemundo's first period series Photo: Televisa
Pedro Fernández stars in Telemundo’s first period series Photo: Televisa

“Thanks Culiacán. Thanks to all the beautiful people of Sinaloa. Thank you Jesús Malverde ”, wrote at the bottom of the video the actor who has participated in melodramas such as Until the money do us part.

Nevertheless, this was not the only controversy that went through the production of the series. The actress Ariadne Díaz also resigned, who at the time assured that her resignation was a direct consequence of Colunga’s departure.

In addition, the production experienced several problems such as an outbreak of COVID-19 that affected several elements of the cast and even an accident in the recording forum, when the actress Isabella Catillo fell from a horse and was hospitalized.

Finally, today, the series will premiere in Mexico through the Unicable channel at 8:35 p.m.


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Yolanda Andrade revealed the reason why Fernando Colunga left “Malverde”: “The saint did not want it”