Yordi Rosado and the irresponsibility of being silent (and laughing) before the confession of a crime

It is unheard of, but true: two celebrities —Roberto Palazuelos and Luis de Llano Macedo— confess to two very serious crimes, with all the calm in the world and even with joyful laughter, in their interviews with the same popular Mexican communicator.

Yordi Rosado during the recording of an interview in 2020. (Adrián Monroy/Medios y Media/Getty Images)

Yordi Rosado during the recording of an interview in 2020. (Adrián Monroy/Media and Media/Getty Images)

How? Well yes. Yordi Rosado, who for many years was a comparsa (or rather, as they say in Mexico ‘patiño’) of Adal Ramones in his golden age with ‘Otro Rollo’, has suddenly become the flower of scandal, questioned (and even scolded!) because in these interviews the guests speak with total naturalness and frivolity about crimes and misdemeanors they have committed: let us remember Roberto Palazuelos that in 2020, before entering the pre-campaign to be named candidate by the political party Citizen Movement to the government of the state of Quintana Roo, it occurred to him as if nothing had happened to tell the anecdote of the incident where two people were murdered. (Although he later wanted to deny any guilt, saying he was “misunderstood”).

“We killed the fat man, we killed another guy,” he said, as if nothing had happened. “I had a 380 with a carry from the Secretary of Defense, which is the caliber you can carry, an Army lieutenant had a 9-millimeter for exclusive use, and a Colombian mafiosón friend of mine had another 9, more crooked. than him,” he confessed with a laugh. “We arrived and the Show and the mother, they open the door and pow, pow, they throw two madrazos at us in the air and point a 22 pistol at us, a fat guy, “continued the actor.

Then he added, “with my legal knowledge, I said: this guy already pulled him, he’s got gunpowder, if I fuck him, it’s self-defense, suddenly I see that he’s grabbing with the guy at the door and fuck it, a shootout broke out, and then we killed two guys,” he revealed in the interview.

Of course, Rosado, who has been accused on more than one occasion of being (or becoming) naive, showed surprise and asked the actor if he had fired a gun to kill someone. “Everyone, everyone hit everyone. If you take out the gun, it’s to use it. We all pull the trigger,” he pointed out, implying that he did.

The consequences were immediate when the revelation was rescued by his opponents and the candidacy was lost, putting an end to the incipient political career of the controversial socialite.

Most of the interviews that Rosado does, with his perennial pose of indefatigable youthful enthusiasm and seeming innocence and candor, celebrating all his ‘insults’ to his guests are what we would consider “puff pieces”, that is to say: superficial artistic promotion talks and frivolous, made with a display of bonhomie and ease, so the appearance of explosive themes in them is usually (almost always) a surprise, especially since Rosado treats them as if they were a laughing matter.

In fact, the only time he showed something different from his usual air of ingenuity (which the shrewd journalist Claudia de Icaza made a lot of fun of) was when interviewing Andrés García in Acapulco, who in an outburst fired a firearm into the air and frankly it freaked him out.

Just a few days ago Luis De Llano Macedo told him, as if it were a fairy tale, about the inappropriate and illegal relationship he had with Sasha Sokol when he was 39 years old and she was 14, which lasted almost 4 years. “Did you fall in love?” Rosado asked as if his common sense had suddenly atrophied. “Were you in love?”, as if the rape committed had been a grace.

More infamous is that instead of questioning De Llano’s illicit actions or pointing out that what he was telling him (also putting himself in the role of victim) was a sexual crime and abuse, in addition to a comment in bad taste, Rosado laughed with him and told him that he admired him.

The networks have been overwhelming the driver and author of self-help and self-improvement books for being unconscious, for being sexist, for being sneaky. Now that the bomb exploded on his program, Rosado has not made an official comment on the matter and has not even apologized to Sokol, which, as a result of the interview in which his privacy was treated frivolously and without his permission, issued a statement denying De Llano and exposed him by accusing him of abuse then, and abuse today, for daring to talk about her like that.

There’s no doubt that celebrities are very comfortable revealing the worst about themselves to this driver who sails under the flag of ‘naive’ (but is actually quite cunning and incisive). Perhaps it is due to the fact that drinking alcohol during the interview “relaxes” them and makes their mouths water, as can be seen in the videos.

As a communicator, Rosado has a responsibility to the public that consumes his content (and puts money in his pocket, what he does is not a charity), and by keeping silent he seems to be condoning the crime, and incidentally exalting the character.

Celebrating with laughter the confession of a crime, as if it were something funny, Yordi Rosado only remains as a subject almost as reprehensible as those who boast of their perversities in his program.


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Yordi Rosado and the irresponsibility of being silent (and laughing) before the confession of a crime