You will never again be able to discover the intimacies of celebrities, because Google has killed this promising service

Cameos used to allow celebrities to create short videos answering common questions about them, but interesting as it may seem to you, Google has just sent it to limbo like many other interesting services.

Surely some of the best ideas come out of the Google factory of the mobile market at least at the level of software and applications, although never in Mountain View have they been able to sell interesting products too wellsome even so good that they arrived ahead of their time, so the cemetery of abandoned services grows and grows at gigantic speeds.

The first “dead” of 2022 in the Google ecosystem has arrived very soon, and it is that as our colleagues from AndroidPoliceit seems that there are only a few days left for Cameos to finalize to a service that has lasted only 3 years and that practically nobody has used.

Cameos on Google

This is how ‘Cameos on Google’ was shown, the app with which you will never again be able to know intimacies of celebrities.

This last thing is the only thing that consoles us, because surely you didn’t even know that Google had a service with which famous and celebrities could create and upload short videos answering common questions about themselvesgraphic documents that would be attached to your Google search card so that their fans could get to know them more closely and more directly without leaving the most used search engine on the Internet.

It sounds interesting and it really was interesting, but Since it was made by Google, we already knew that sooner or later it would end up in limbo. like other interesting services among which are illustrious in the style of Play Music, Google+, Google Reader or Google Talk.

Cameos comes to Android as Google’s answer to indiscreet celebrity searches

Anyway, if you didn’t know Cameos you still have a few more days to try it, especially if you are famous or creators, since it will be next February 17 when Google limits access to the recording of new videos in the service. Also on this date, videos posted on Cameos will no longer be displayed in Google search results, so Basically and for practical purposes, the end of this service will take place on February 17 forever.

Obviously it will not be a great loss for anyonebecause realistically very few celebrities have used Cameos with Kevin Hart, Kylian Mbappé or The Rock as maximum exponents.

Furthermore, Google itself states that the service was created only as a pilot and that access was limited by invitationsso they feel satisfied with what they have learned and will transfer this knowledge and resources to new content creation projects of which we currently know nothing.

All the celebrities who would have used Cameos and want retrieve the content uploaded to the platformthey can do it as usual from Google Takeout, although these files will be kept only until March 17with a month to spare, before deleting them forever from Google’s servers.

And now I ask you, did you know Cameos? Have you ever seen or used it? Because I have to admit that no…

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You will never again be able to discover the intimacies of celebrities, because Google has killed this promising service