Young man believed Leonardo DiCaprio and died emulating a scene from ‘Titanic’

A night of drinks and romance ended in tragedy for a young couple in Turkey, after, while enjoying the beach and in the midst of their complicity and coquetry, they decided to get on a fishing pier and, after overcoming a security barrier installed there, he wanted to emulate the iconic scene from the film ‘Titanic’, where, Standing at the front end of the boat, Leonardo DiCaprio takes his co-star by the waist, while she opens her arms in a sign of freedom and shouts “I am the king of the world.”

Despite the romantic scene, in the case of the young Turks everything went wrong. Although Titanics, Jack Dawson dies at the end of the film due to hypothermia after the sinking of the ship, in the Turkish case the protagonist died after falling into the sea with his girlfriendapparently because he lost his balance due to the high state of intoxication in which they were.

Upon witnessing the scene, a group of fishermen in the area came to the aid of the young people, but, as in the film, they could only find the woman. It was about Mine Dinar, a 23-year-old girl, who managed to save her life by clinging to a fishing rod.

While the search for the young man continued, the fishermen alerted the emergency services, who were in charge of taking the woman to a health center to be treated and put to safety after the incident.

At sea, a group of fishermen continued their search for the young man, identified as Furkan Ciftciwho despite the imperative work of those present and others who were added, only managed to be found, already lifeless, two hours after what happenedand thanks to the intervention of diving bodies.

The cause of the accident was revealed by the young woman, who was investigated by the authorities after confirming the tragic news of the death of her boyfriend. A love story that, as in titanica, unfortunately it did not have the happy ending that everyone would have wanted.

Regarding the place of the tragedy, local media that collect the story, which occurred on May 16, point out that it is a port known as izmit pierwhere fishing trips usually take place.

Although the young woman gave her version of the events, the authorities advanced in the investigation to identify the reasons for the death of the young man, who even underwent an autopsy, in the case of an accidental death, to seek to find clues about the fact that triggered in his death.

Through the Turkish media social networks have spread the images of the moments before the fall of young peoplewhere the moment in which they arrived at the place carrying their folding chairs and fishing rods, sharing and playing in the midst of their romance, is appreciated.

However, the images make a jump, between the moment of arrival, and the search for the young man, so it is not possible to appreciate in them the moment in which the young university students believed Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, in a love that will be unconsciously immortalized.

In the rescue images you can see how in the place were the belongings of the couple.

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Young man believed Leonardo DiCaprio and died emulating a scene from ‘Titanic’