Your makeup artist, hairdresser, colorist … This is the team that works with Meghan Markle

After a time ‘disappeared’, the duchess of sussex has returned in style to the public scene. In recent months, Meghan has attended various events with Prince Harry, has made video calls that have gone around the world and has appeared on different tv shows. The last surprise was given this week, when he attended the show presented by Ellen DeGeneres giving an interview that, during his time royal, it was unthinkable. The one who was the protagonist of the series Suits sat next to the popular presenter to chat about various topics, laugh, share confidences … and the truth is that she was very natural, relaxed and fun. Meghan is happy with her new life away from the British Royal Family, and you just have to see her to prove it.

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– How to Get Perfect Eyebrows, According to Meghan’s Trusted Makeup Artist

Her appearance on the Ellen DeGeneres show has not only let us see the ‘new Meghan’, but has also allowed us find out who is the team that works with her. “Surprise! My love will be at @theellenshow tomorrow. Hair: @misterjasonlow @highbrowhippie and I took care of the makeup,” wrote makeup artist Daniel Martin, who has a most exclusive list of clients. Martin has been working with Meghan for quite some time and, in fact, He was in charge of doing her makeup on her wedding day. He has always dedicated words of affection and admiration to him and the Duchess fully trusts him, since he knows how to make the most of his beauty.

“Since she is not self-centered, people can see light in her. Since she is not conceited, she becomes a shining example. As she expects nothing from the world, the world cannot beat her“was the phrase from the book Tao te ching that she chose to publish a photo in which she was doing her makeup. In addition to Meghan, the famous makeup artist has worked with actresses such as Jessica Alba, Kaley Cuoco, Jessica Biel, Elisabeth Moss, Chloë Sevigny, Nina Dobrev, Freida Pinto or Jennifer Connelly, models Olivia Culpo and Bella Hadid, or influencer Olivia Palermo.


– The ‘Megxit’ has also changed Meghan Markle’s makeup

Many of his hairstyles are the work of the hairstylist Jason Low, who assures that: “I have been fortunate to work with incredibly strong, intelligent and inspiring women throughout my career and, without a doubt, Meghan is one of them.” The hairdresser was in charge of making Harry’s wife from England wear a spectacular mane in her interview with Ellen. In fact, The brightness and volume that it had attracted attention. “It has been an honor working with her for the past year and watching her create ways not only to empower others, but also to incite positive change in the world. M, in honor of your birthday and the 40×40 campaign you have created, I promise 40 minutes of my time for an act of solidarity and I encourage everyone to do the same. What an amazing initiative! Happy Birthday friend“were the loving words he dedicated to her on August 4.


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Lastly, we know that Meghan also trusts the colorist Kadi Lee and the beauty entrepreneur Myka Harris, founders of Highbrow Hippie, in Los Angeles. The Duchess has trusted them to have her perfect hair and has put herself in their hands to retouch the color in some of her latest events, such as the gala Salute to Freedom which was held a few days ago at the Intrepid Museum in New York and where Meghan caused a sensation with her spectacular red dress and her highly polished updo, or the look she wore on the cover of the magazine Time. “Happy birthday M, our sister Leo! It has been a pleasure meeting you professionally this past year and personally as the beautiful and inspiring friend that you are.“They wrote to congratulate her on her birthday. Julia Roberts, Elle Fanning, Amber Valletta, Olivia Colman and Kristin Davis are also some of her clients.

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Your makeup artist, hairdresser, colorist … This is the team that works with Meghan Markle