Yuri’s gun, her suicide attempt and the bullying she suffers for being a Christian: this was her interview in Something Personal with Jorge Ramos

Yuridia Valenzuela Canseco, better known as Yuri, was crowned the “Mexican Madonna” and for a long time captivated thousands of fans with her voice. Thanks to her talent, she enjoyed great stardom: from being the first Mexican to perform in Viña del Mar and being the queen of the festival, to becoming the first singer from Mexico to win a gold record in Europe.

However, his childhood, achieving fame and staying in the entertainment world were also overshadowed by very difficult experiences, which he detailed in a sincere interview in ‘Something personal with Jorge Ramos’.

Did Yuri point a gun at her parents as a child or is this a myth?

During her childhood in Veracruz, the Mexican state where she was born in 1964, the singer witnessed multiple fights between her parents, Carlos Humberto Valenzuela and Dulce Canseco.

In one such argument, when he was only six or seven years old, he ventured to break up the fight at gunpoint.

“When I was little, I was about six, seven years old, my parents fought a lot. So, I knew where my dad kept a gun that had been loaned to him and I grabbed it.

It was an automatic pistol, a misfortune could have happened. I remember I got to the kitchen where they were fighting… and I said ‘Please don’t fight anymore. I don’t like to see them fight.”

Her parents’ discussions had a strong impact on her, but she managed to heal him once she found God, as she revealed in “Something personal with Jorge Ramos”:

“That was one of the things that when I approached God I tried to heal with them. It is not good for children to see their parents fight. It’s a trauma.”

Yuri’s mother had to steal food: her difficult arrival in Mexico City

The dream of being a singer disrupted the interpreter’s life. Initially, it affected her academic future, her parents’ relationship, and her family finances.

Yuri only studied until sixth grade because her mother considered that she was not good at school and it was better for her to dedicate herself to music, but her father did not agree.

“For me to sing, they had ranches, farms, they sold everything. We went to Mexico. My dad didn’t want me and my mom to go to Mexico. He didn’t like the ‘artisteada'”.

Once they were in the Mexican capital, she and her mother faced various shortages, because their father did not send them money: from sleeping “back to back” in a “little bed”, to not having enough food to eat three times up to date.

“We saw it hard… We ate once a day. My mom used to go to superes (supermarkets) to steal. She put the meat fillets here (points to the cleavage)…

“In a television program I passed out because I had anemia, because we did not eat three meals. If we had a hard time. We were having a pretty hard time for two years.”

In addition, in the long run, seeking a career in the artistic world was a factor that affected his parents’ relationship: “My parents separated a bit because of the ‘artisteada'”, he commented on ‘Algo personal con Jorge Ramos’, a program that you can see for free downloading the vix app.

Yuri ran away from home at the age of 21 and his escape almost killed his father.

After several years of working in entertainment, the singer made the decision to run away from home.

“I run away from home because my mom didn’t want me to marry my first husband, Fernando. I escaped in some TVyNovelas Awards”.

According to what Yuri told in “Something personal with Jorge Ramos”, he shared his plans with Luis Miguel, who was surprised and even questioned her.

“We were rehearsing and I told him, ‘Tonight, I’m running away from home.’ (She told me) ‘How? There’s no need. And I told him ‘No, it is necessary’”.

Convinced of her decision, she gave a letter to a journalist to deliver to her sister and in this way her family would find out that she would not return home that night.

“My mom went crazy. My father’s blood sugar went up, he was diabetic, he almost died. It is something that I regret a lot because I was always a very good daughter. I was the most loved daughter, the most obedient daughter.

The singer reflected on this episode of her life and explained why she regrets it.

“My mother did not give me that freedom and unfortunately I made that decision that I think was not very good, neither for them, nor for me. I made them suffer a lot, I suffered a lot because I was on the run and hidden for many months… The family fell apart.”

Yuri’s suicide attempt: why did he want to take his own life?

The actress also enjoyed fame for a long time, which gave her luxuries, freedom and multiple intimate relationships.

“I broke free. I said ‘I free myself, it’s okay, I do what I want, I mess with who I want. I never took drugs… But mine, mine, like a good jarocha, I liked men. I liked sex, I was not a nymphomaniac, but I believe that if God had not come into my life, I would go there.

Despite having success and fortune, the singer felt alone.

“I had everything. Money, seven cars, so many houses, I was traveling by private jet, I had my yacht. Everything. He earned too well. But hey, here’s the reality, you get to your room and alone.

That feeling of loneliness was a factor that led her to try to take her own life when she was 30 years old. This heartbreaking story was told by her in ‘Something personal with Jorge Ramos’:

“I wanted to commit suicide, because I felt alone, because I had depression, because I took many pills: to eat, not to eat, to lose weight, not to lose weight. I didn’t go in to get high, no.”

A voice, which she does not know if it was internal or external, invited her to end her life and jump from a balcony.

“I heard a voice: ‘you don’t have anyone, you are alone, you are very pretty, you have everyone at your feet, but go, you are alone. You don’t get along with your parents, you spend Christmas drunk, that’s not life.

He said: ‘get down, and go further back’. It was a balcony. ‘Drop, the farther back, the faster you’re going to die.'”

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God saved Yuri: his religious encounter prevented him from jumping from a balcony

Just as she heard a voice that encouraged her to take her own life, the singer also heard someone stop her as she ran to the balcony.

“I gathered strength and when I was (running), it was seconds, I hear another voice that tells me ‘Don’t do it, because if you do it, you won’t have peace and you won’t come with me’. Automatically, I knew that he was God.”

This encounter with God was a turning point in his life, since from that moment he began his path in Christianity.

“I fell on my knees and asked for forgiveness… There I asked God for forgiveness and challenged him. I challenged him and told him “If you exist, as they say you do, save me”.

Christianity gave Yuri peace: this was his conversion

After being stopped by God in her suicide attempt, the celebrity gave her life to religion. A pastor uncle and her family, who had been praying for her and her parents for 10 years, helped her grow in faith.

Her conversion to Christianity kept her out of show business for five years, an industry she really didn’t want to return to.

“I didn’t want to go back to the secular world, to the artistic world. I was very good going to churches, singing. I did not earn what I earned here on this side, but I was very happy… but there was a time when I felt that my work as a Christian and as an artist had to be on this side (of the artistic world)”.

Yuri has suffered bullying for being a Christian: she showed the pain that this causes her

Christianity is a very important part of the singer’s life; in fact, she and her husband are pastors at a church. However, her religion has also made her a target of bullying. Therefore, with tears in her eyes, she asked people not to criticize her for her faith.

“Sometimes I ask the public not to judge when we artists approach God. I understand Farruko and I know that many of us are happy that he has known about God and there is another sector of the public that makes fun of him. They judge us, they point us out.”

Yuri accepted that his religion has changed his way of thinking. For example, before she did consider herself a feminist, but today she doesn’t.

“I am not a feminist. I believe that both men and women have a place that God gave us”.

In this sense, the singer delved into one of the issues with which she disagrees with feminists: abortion.

“I do not agree that because you are a feminist, you destroy a life, because you do not better close your legs. From my point of view, obviously, let’s close our legs”.

His opinions on these types of issues have caused him problems and multiple accusations on social networks, but he assured that at no time has he sought to cause harm with his words.

“I never speak to destroy, because I do not come to destroy… If at any time my words offend others, excuse me. At no time do I want to do it, because I am a woman who loves God, but I am very confident.”

Yuri’s return to the stage and his rapprochement with the Mara Salvatrucha

According to the interpreter of ‘Maldita primavera’, the call of a prophet was the sign she needed to convince herself to return to the artistic world. However, her return was not easy.

“At first it was strong, because I had to knock on doors again. That Yuri Madonna did not exist. It’s over. Because people in the secular world, in the art world, especially the record companies, didn’t want me and I had to start from scratch.”

The singer recalled, at times with a broken voice and tears in her eyes, one of the first concerts she gave when she returned to show business, in a small town in Tabasco.

“(They told me) You have to go from Villahermosa, Tabasco to that town, it’s about two hours away. And there is the Salvatrucha. Don’t go down. Don’t drink soda, don’t drink water, because you can’t get down to pee, because Salvatrucha is there’”

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Yuri’s gun, her suicide attempt and the bullying she suffers for being a Christian: this was her interview in Something Personal with Jorge Ramos