Zuria Vega reveals how she overcame the loss of her first baby

The famous actress mexican Zuria vega confessed how he got over the loss of his first pregnancy, something that undoubtedly marks a woman for life, as it is one of the hardest situations and of course someone can experience.

Zuria Vega is the mother of two beautiful and healthy children: Lúa and Luka, however, before becoming a mother for the first time, she had a loss, when she was only a few weeks pregnant, which, as she revealed, she had a hard time overcoming.

The soap opera protagonist was in an interview with Mara Patricia Castañeda talking about the bitter and traumatic experience.

It is there where he remembered that since he found out that he had been in a state, he suspected that something was not right with his baby.

Alberto and I were looking to be parents and I got pregnant, but something in me knew it wasn’t right. “

I found out and I told Alberto, but it was not yet time to tell someone, we only told my father at that time, my mother, my in-laws, my brothers. After weeks we lost it ”, he began by recounting.

After the unfortunate loss, Vega began consulting with some doctors who offered fertility treatments.

And with the help of her husband Alberto Guerra, she was able to overcome the sadness she felt for not having come to term with her first pregnancy.

It hit me very hard, it has to do with this thing that we are not aware of or of course. Since we are little we bring this of ‘You’re going to be a mother’ or if you are not a mother or lose a baby you are not worth enough ‘and it is not true, but that is what you feel ”, she continued.

Also, as if that were not enough, she added that she had entered a crisis and despair to become a mother, and her husband had to calm her down.

Stop, you are entering this place that you have always said that you will never fall, in this stress we are not going to have a child. ‘ It has been one of the times that I have hated Alberto the most, I could not understand. For me it was something like: ‘What are you doing to me? Why can’t I have a baby? ” express.

This is how he indicated that he did not do any treatment, since he knew that his body was fine and he was reassured that it was so and after four months they began to try again.

The first attempt happened, “he said.

In addition, she said that as a chance in life, her little Lúa was born the same day she found out she was pregnant, for the first time.

Lúa was born on January 11, the same date that I found out that she was pregnant with my other baby, obviously nobody noticed, just me ”.

It should be noted that Zuria and her husband went to live together when they were only two months old, and that she does not regret her decision, although many said it was hasty.

I saw him arrive at a wedding and I said ‘hello’. We were together all night. The next day he wrote to me because I took his tie, he had a detail that I liked, he wrote to me: ‘I can’t see you in two weeks because I’ll be with my daughter, but when that day comes I’ll give you a kiss,’ and that’s how it was. He kissed me and I fell in love ”, he concluded.

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Zuria Vega reveals how she overcame the loss of her first baby