Chantell Wittstock, the discreet sister-in-law of Charlène de Monaco who is her only faithful ally and will no longer be able to protect her in the palace

Since we heard the news that
Charlene of Monaco there was
returned to the palaceMuch has been speculated about what will happen next. “As soon as her health permits, the princess will be able to enjoy the joy of
live with the Monegasquessomething that he has missed so much », the Monegasque royal house said in an official statement, also indicating that
Charlene I was “happy” to have
reunited with his family and anticipating that “in the coming weeks he will be able to fully resume his
official activities».


Charlène de Monaco: the life of “the sad princess”

Although there is no reason to think that the press office announces
a return that will not take placethe truth is that this rush to put Charlene back in the
public spotlight It might not be entirely prudent if we take into account that the princess no longer has by her side the one who has been her
friend and confidant for almost a year:
Chantell Violet Serfontein.

Chantelle is married to Charlène’s little brother.

Married to Charlène’s little brother, Chantell has become over the years one of the
great princess defenders. Settled in South Africa with her husband and hers two children of hers, the press of her country says that she is a
“discreet” womanbut who “never left” his sister-in-law during the months he spent recovering from several operations he underwent for a complication stemming from a
ear, nose, and throat infection.

In fact, Chantell is the only person
close to Charlène who has always defended her publicly speaking with the press of
natural way. Furthermore, Chantell had the courage to
pick up the phone and deny to one of the most tabloid newspapers when it comes to real affairs: the British Daily Mail.

The post was put
in touch with her to find out where Princess Charlène would settle on her return to Monaco and in that article it was quoted that Chantell would have said that “in an apartment 200 meters from the palace”. Without letting a single minute pass,
Chantell denied the news: «They have distorted my words. I said that I don’t know where it is going to be installed because everyone is
trying to fit in to this situation. But if there is one thing I can confirm, it is that Charlène will always be there.
Where are Alberto and his children?».

As for the famous apartment that was also mentioned in the article, Chantell cleared up any doubts about it: «Charlène
she will not live in the apartment alone. She and Alberto have properties in various places in Monaco and will be
where they decide and where they are needed».

He also came to his defense when Page Six assured that the princess “was
near to death». She was blunt and very clear: «
Is not true. She had difficulty eating for all
the operations that he underwent and lost a lot of weight, but only because he could only
eat white diet and liquids».

Chantell Violet Serfontein, more than Charlène’s family

What started out as a
friendly relationshipand later family after Chantell and Sean’s wedding in 2013, soon became a
labor union when Charlène asked him to be her
right hand at the foundation that bears his name. In fact, and although it has not been made public, it is speculated that Chantell has a position in the
Board of Directors of the Princess Charlene of Monaco Foundation South Africa. It wouldn’t be strange since Charlène’s other brother, Garret, is the
current general secretary Of the same.

Although what was clear during the start of the coronavirus pandemic is that
Charlène trusted her to be the public image of the fundraising foundation and we were able to see
Chantell offering interviews in TV.

Chantell and Sean’s house: Charlène’s South African refuge

The couple lives with their
two children Reigen and Aiva Grace in the residential neighborhood of Benoni in
Johannesburg. And Prince Albert flew there together with his two children when in the summer of 2021 the seriousness of the injuries was not yet known.
princess problems.

Chantell has become Charlene’s right hand woman. /


Charlène herself shared an image of the celebration of the
Aiva Grace’s 5th Birthdayto whom her parents gave that second name at the request of the princess in order to honor the memory of
the unforgettable Grace Kelly.

The question is,
Charlène will survive to a return to the palace without one of his greatest allies?

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Chantell Wittstock, the discreet sister-in-law of Charlène de Monaco who is her only faithful ally and will no longer be able to protect her in the palace