Chiquis reveals that she is dating a man seven years younger than her

Chiquis goes out with a younger man

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Chiquis revealed that she is dating a man seven years her junior. Likewise, the artist and businesswoman revealed in her podcast Chiquis and Chill that her boyfriend Emilio Sanchezis the youngest in the relationship, something that made her hesitate to start a serious relationship with him.

“I am 36 years old and he is seven years younger,” Chiquis said at the beginning of the episode, in which she revealed that the relationship with Sánchez started on May 1 of last year, although she had met him 12 months earlier, when he took the photos for the launch of “Jolene”, the theme of her album “Playlist”, in which she had the collaboration of Becky G.

“I met him when we took “the photos and the video ‘Jolene‘ and I thought it was cute. I remember telling Becky that I wanted to stick a finger in the dimples she has on her cheeks and that I liked the shape of her eye sockets. I notice crazy things like that”, added the artist dying of laughter.

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However, on that first occasion, love did not arise, or the initial attraction. That happened in an intimate meeting organized by Becky G, who has known Sánchez since they were in diapers. In fact, one of the most important jobs of Chiquis’s boyfriend is to be the official photographer of the interpreter of “Mayores” and “Sin Pijama”.

Although Becky told her that he was a good guy gave her peace of mind, Chiquis confessed that the age difference made her pause before starting something serious, but as she got to know him, she realized that Emilio Sánchez was the right person for her. Today he is so involved with her life that he is even accompanying her in her career. Chiquis’s boyfriend appeared in the most tender way at the beginning of her tour “Abeja Reina Tour”.

chiquis and emilio sánchez in queen bee tour.

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“I never think about it and most of the time I forget,” said the photographer when Chiquis asked him if the age difference had ever affected him. But although he is not concerned, her mother did ask the artist what intentions she had with her son. “It was kind of a joke, but it did make me think. I had never been with someone younger than me, “he acknowledged. The couple also reflected on what has allowed them to have such a “cute relationship”. The conclusion was his maturity and the positive attitude that she has towards life.

“I love that you are mature and have done therapy, that you have taken working on yourself very seriously,” Chiquis told her boyfriend. “I love that you always make me feel very safe.”

It was exciting to hear Chiquis expressing herself so peacefully about her love life. Since she is a public figure, Jenni Rivera’s eldest daughter had been characterized by having complicated relationships with conflicting men. The most recent were the record entrepreneur Ángel del Villar and the singer-songwriter Lorenzo Mendezfrom whom by April of this 2022 he had not managed to divorce.

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Chiquis reveals that she is dating a man seven years younger than her