Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez return to the attack on Twitter

After a major brand scandal arose over Lorenzo Méndez not showing up at a concert Anaheim for, as he himself explained, not having paid what was agreed upon, Chiquis Rivera and his ex did not miss an opportunity to return to the attack on Twitter. The singer has launched a hint that Lorenzo Méndez responded.

Video from the Youtube channel of Magaly Ortiz TV.

Turns out, Lorenzo Mendez he had to perform at a concert in Anaheim. At the last minute and as Lorenzo Méndez himself explained in an Instagram story, which he also published in posts and soon deleted, the executives who hired him did not pay him what was agreed. After doing the math, as a well-known manager told it, the artist would practically have to pay to play. Let’s remember that he must cancel the fees to the musicians, etc. Given this, Chiquis Rivera, ex-wife of Lorenzo Méndez, made a post on Twitter and everything indicates that it was addressed to Lorenzo: “It’s crazy how far some people will go to intentionally cause controversy and get some kind of attention. Sad”.

Lorenzo Méndez was not silent and also launched an indirect attack: “I’m tired of people wanting to use my life as a fucking soap opera and make money.” Already in the video that he published when the incident occurred, he had made it clear that: “He did not like scandals…”. Of course, almost all of his followers took his message as a response to Chiquis Rivera’s tweet.

Let’s remember that Chiquis Rivera has repeatedly said that: “she has begged Lorenzo Mendez so that sign the divorce. This, for his part, initially said that everything was discussed and signed. Later we learned, through the singer himself to a reporter from Suelta la Sopa, that he was putting a condition long before Chiquis Rivera announced to release a book, which was to sign an agreement where he was not mentioned. To finally say that she would give him a divorce. But the last thing Chiquis Rivera said was that: “For his part, everything was ready and he was waiting for a response from Lorenzo Méndez’s legal team.” However, we do not know if the divorce is already a fact so far.

While, Lorenzo and Chiquis continue in battle. Although he gave an interview recently where he said that he was happy to see Chiquis Rivera in love and that he wished her the best. Of her alleged relationship with Jessica Diazpartner in the dance reality show “This is how you dance” in which they participated, nothing else was known or at least publicly. For its part, Chiquis Rivera continues his relationship with the photographer and director Emilio Sánchez.

Meanwhile, we leave them the Chiquis’ hit “Baila Así” with Becky G, Thalía and Play-N-Skillz.

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Chiquis Rivera and Lorenzo Méndez return to the attack on Twitter