Christian Nodal and Belinda: the luxurious gifts that were given when they were together

The relationship between Y came to an end, leaving pleasant moments that the couple will surely remember, but there were also many gifts or material details that were made between the two during all the time they were together and swore eternal love with a commitment in between.

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Those details between the two could be like the ones that any wedding couple makes, but in this case they drew a lot of attention on certain dates because they were luxurious gifts that, without a doubt, demanded a large expenditure of money.


A diamond bracelet

When the couple had only been dating for a month, the Spanish singer decided to surprise her then-lover with a Tous brand bracelet that was full of diamonds. The beautiful detail, as expected, was very expensive, but the exact amount was not known.

Christian Nodal and Belinda the luxurious gifts that were given

4, the couple’s dog

The singers bought a puppy that they named 4. That little pet would have cost a considerable price and also that cost a lot of money.

a great tattoo

Although this is not something material, it is what can perhaps draw a lot of attention from the couple’s fans because Christian Nodal, with little time in the relationship, decided to tattoo Belinda’s look on his chest.

It will be up to him whether, over time, he decides to erase it with an intense treatment or covers it up with a new tattoo.

Nodal made a tattoo on his chest with the look of Belinda, who was his fiancee.
Nodal made a tattoo on his chest with the look of Belinda, who was his fiancee.

Engagement ring

When Nodal asked Belinda to marry, he obviously gave her an engagement ring that has a very high value, which left locals and strangers speechless.

Through his Instagram account,a business located in Los Angeles, California that specializes in “unique and timeless jewelry”, revealed that it was in charge of making this piece.

“Congratulations to Nodal and Belinda for a lifetime of happiness. 12-carat emerald-cut diamond valued at more than 3 million dollars (approximately 59 million 568 thousand 300 pesos) “was the message shared by the jewelry.


After Nodal’s statement, in which they confirmed their separation, rumors were discussed again with the reasons for the breakup, the strongest being that Belinda would have asked the singer for a loan of 4 million dollars to pay off a debt with the Tax Administration Service, to which he refused and would have triggered the fight.

Another rumor indicates that Belinda lied to Nodal since she did not point out the real reason why she needed the money she lent the singer. Also, it was said that there was a distance between the singer of “Bella treason” and Christian Nodal’s mother.


With a story on your account , Christian Nodal He told his fans and the press that he had effectively ended his relationship with Belinda and thus put an end to all the rumors that have been made over the last few days.

“To all my fans and friends in the press, I want to share that we have decided to end our engagement and our relationship as a couple, each taking the best of the other. With much gratitude for having accompanied us during this time, ”were some of his words.

In the same way, the young singer assured that he will not give any more statements in this regard, also asking the media for compression for that decision.

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Christian Nodal and Belinda: the luxurious gifts that were given when they were together