Christian Nodal confirms that he has not asked Belinda for her engagement ring

The journalist Nelssie Carrillo shared a video in which you can see Christian Nodal as well as thoughtful, sad, for admitting that he will leave Mexico. It seems that the lack of security does not like the singer and he does not like always feeling exposed. He does not like that they know where he lives, where his houses are or his belongings. And this reason seems to have motivated him to return to Los Angeles, where he says, his belongings do not cause any inconvenience.

After saying this, he read one of his fans’ comments, and there they told him that they will stop asking him about Belinda’s ring, especially since he, it is known, has not asked the singer for it. And in addition to having laughed with the comment, he admitted that in fact not only has he not asked, but he will not ask.

Let us remember that this jewel has a value of more than three million dollars.

The public that follows the journalist has reacted to Christian Nodal’s statements and they assure that they fully understand the logic with which he operates when deciding to stop living in Mexico. “Well, I can’t find fault with your logic.. Not counting the haters who are going to unload their frustrations… Drop it now… that video is super edited”.

Regarding her mother’s health, Belinda’s ex says that she is already better and enjoying life on the beach.

Then one or another comment is read about the singer’s appearance and how Belinda managed to get her fans to see the handsome young performer: “That Belinda managed to make us look handsome at Nodal, when he was with her, but now the handkerchief fell from our eyes. It’s okay Frederick.

It is worth mentioning that Nodal currently seems to have returned to Instagram, although he still has few publications, and many of these seem more work than personal.

What was known about Nodal’s mother and her illness?

Christian Nodal’s mother shared a few days ago, on her social networks, that she was admitted to the hospital. Now Cristy, as the mother of the famous interpreter is called, has finally clarified what the problem she was facing was to add that she has experienced a true miracle in the first person that not even their doctors finish believing, according to Showbiz.

Through her Instagram stories, Cristy has explained that she was diagnosed with a malignant tumor in the colon and that the only possible treatment was an emergency operation. However, in the last battery of tests that she underwent before said intervention, the doctors discovered that the tumor had disappeared as if by magic.

Thank you God for this opportunity of life. I know that many people are praying for my health, which I sincerely appreciate! I had been unable to eat for a month, I had no strength and everything was going wrong. I have had countless studies, but yesterday we received the news that I had a malignant tumor in the colon and that they had to operate immediately“Shared Cristy Nodal.

Mrs. Nodal reiterated that she never lost faith that God would help her and finally what happened has proved her right. The medical team itself has been stunned at her amazing recovery.

One case in a thousand, that’s what they said. Miracles exist. Infinite thanks for each of your prayers to my family and my parents who do not let go of your hand“, pointed out the mother of Belinda’s former boyfriend.

This is not the first time that Cristy has faced cancer. As she has reported in that same publication, in 2018 she had to fight her first battle against the disease and today she is still dealing with several of the consequences.

“The people who have followed me for years and my closest friends and family know how many processes I went through and how much I fought to be well,” he asserted. “Three years ago I started to struggle with my stomach.

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Christian Nodal confirms that he has not asked Belinda for her engagement ring