Christian Nodal is compared to Britney Spears for a red leather suit and unleashes criticism

Christian Nodal is compared to Britney Spears for a red leather suit and unleashes criticismbecause he evoked the suit of the Princess of pop in one of his most famous music videos, that of “Oops I did it again”, where he supposedly lived on the planet Mars. Nodal was one of the celebrities that he swept away in the most recent installment of Lo Nuestro Awardsas reported in I am Carmine.

A few days after announcing his love break with Belinda, Christian Nodal He has focused on work, not only has he announced a new musical contract with a new label, but he is also releasing various musical themes that have already been placed on the main popularity charts.

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It was during his musical presentation at Premios Lo Nuestro with the theme “We are no longer nor will we be” where Christian Nodal He made a splash as he took to the stage in a two-piece red leather suit complete with hat. In a matter of minutes, social networks were flooded with comments, since it is not the first time that Nodal evokes another celebrity.

On this occasion, the singer of “bottle after bottle” and “Of the kisses that I gave you” looked similar to Britney Spears and his red leather suit in the video for “Oops I did it again”, previously Nodal had also been compared to the movie star Johnny Depp.

Even though Christian Nodal is one of the most beloved representatives of regional Mexican music, he has made it clear that his personal tastes go beyond what is traditionally seen in these performers, wearing outfits from recognized brands, various accessories, tattoos and more, something that It has allowed us to better connect with the new generations.

Christian Nodal announces new collaboration with Maná

It was a few hours ago when Christian Nodal and Mana premiered their new musical duet with one of the group’s most beloved songs, “I will cry a river”. The theme has received excellent reviews and will have more than one version, traditional pop as is the style of Manna and one more inclined to the Mexican regional of Nodal.

And it is that Christian Nodal He assures that he has been preparing new music for two years and now is the time to make it known, only his song “Ya no somos ni seremos” has more than 20 million views in a week after the video was released on YouTube.

Although the red outfit of Christian Nodal continues to be the target of various memes, the singer is not intimidated and enjoys this new stage in his career, where he could not be more grateful for the support he has received from his followers.

Christian Nodal He knows that the show must continue and he is doing it big, because he was also one of the winners of the musical gala where he was one of the most nominated.

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Christian Nodal is compared to Britney Spears for a red leather suit and unleashes criticism