Christian Nodal’s mother launches a message. Would it be a strong hint towards Belinda?

Christian Nodal would be captured from bed with another woman according to an image that recently circulated around the “regional Mexican” who seems to seek to erase the memory of Belinda in other arms.

A picture says more than a thousand words, the singer Christian Nodalappeared from the bed with a complete stranger as it circulates in a recent photo.

After transcending a message from the mother of Christian Nodal on social networks, a publication that he posted on his account along with a photo in which the “composer” appears from a bed and accompanied by an unknown woman.

Just days ago, the “Sonoran“was captured in a restaurant in Beverly Hills, with a young woman, whom apparently the team of collaborators and close friends of Christian Nodal identify very well.

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Christian Nodal, captured from bed with another woman? Photo: Capture Instagram

Later, she was identified as Mariana Ríos of Colombian origin, whom according to TvNotas, would be today’s “company lady” “Belinda’s ex“However, the girl would not be the one appearing next to him this time.

In recent months, after the breakup with Belinda, Christian Jesús González Nodal has focused mostly on his career after the merger with Sony Music, between tours and songs.

The young artist of 23 years who has been highlighted with several awards such as Latin GrammyBillboard and two Lo Nuestro Awards, etc., has been sharing the songs from his album “Forajido”, added to new collaborations with other artists with whom he would also plan to venture into new musical genres.

So the photo that was shared from the @cristy_nodal account would belong to the scene of a music video clip by “former judge of The Voice“.

“Nodal’s mother worries followers”

In the midst of all this, the most worrying thing was the message that Christy Nodal circulated from her Instagram account in which she would dedicate a moving text to her firstborn.

Everything seems to indicate that the mother of González Nodal is not going through a good moment in her health, it should be remembered, that for several months she has shared on the platforms that she is dealing with a series of ailments for which she would even end up in the hospital at some point.

So now, in the midst of their battles, the mother of the Mexican singer-songwriter She would show gratitude to her offspring and husband for accompanying her in her difficult moments.

“No matter how busy you are, you always do everything to be with us in good times and bad and when we need you most, already more than three years of struggle, but today I do recognize that my strength was no longer enough, I needed your hugs and of the great love that you always give me my little family @amely.nodal @alonso.nodaal @jgmusical soon this too will pass and my health will be stronger than ever #godsgreat I love you thank you for so much kisha @nodal”.

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Christian Nodal’s mother launches a message. Would it be a strong hint towards Belinda?