Confirmed, El Mindo and Mar Aldana are no longer dating

The Mindo and Mar Aldana.  Photo: Instagram @maraldana23
The Mindo and Mar Aldana. Photo: Instagram @maraldana23

In mid-June 2020 it was confirmed that The Mindo and Mar Aldana they had a sentimental history. And, in the course of their time as a couple, they also realized that they were an excellent duo when it came to making videos of comic content, since from their respective social networks they made publications of this style that were quite liked by the public. However, beyond talking about how their courtship began, how they got along or the videos they made together, At the end of 2021, the couple also began to sound about another topic in particular: possible breakup.

Given these rumors that began to spread through social networks and the media, mainly last December, not a single word was heard from the influencer from Cali or the doctor from Huila. Neither publicly brought the issue up on the table either to confirm the breakup or to say it was all gossip or a misunderstanding…until now. On Aldana’s side, it is already known what happened, in effect, her sentimental relationship with the content creator led to an end point.

Everything is said, well, almost everything. Actually, the former beauty queen referred to the subject on behalf of a user who asked her – via social networks – the question of whether she had a boyfriend. In this regard, the woman from Huila did not say a word, but she did answer with her finger and said answer was a No. Thus, he did not expand the information regarding the date on which his courtship ended or the reasons behind his end point.

Confirmed, El Mindo and Mar Aldana are no longer a couple

Like any couple, when you are in love you feel that this feeling could last for years and years, that the courtship could be more than lasting. For example, on June 10, 2021, Mar Aldana wrote a bunch of affectionate words to El Mindo, who was on his birthday that day, with his message he showed how satisfied he felt with their relationship and that he hoped that the love and laughter were present for a long time.

“My love! Today I celebrate another year of your life, thanking God for giving me a man like you! To many years of love, laughter and happiness, I love you! Happy birthday ”, was what the ex-queen wrote at that time.

Mar Aldana congratulates El Mindo on his birthday, 2021. Photo: Instagram @maraldana23
Mar Aldana congratulates El Mindo on his birthday, 2021. Photo: Instagram @maraldana23

Among the world of influencers, there are content creators of all kinds, for example, there are those focused on makeup, travel, gastronomy, science, art or humor, regarding this last item there are categories: sketches, imitations, jokes, anyway. If we talk about Colombia, El Mindo is an influencer whose content on social networks belongs mainly to the field of comedy and, between his humorous performances and other scenes of this style, these days the man from Cali played a joke on his mother – Help Vera Bernal – and even Mariana Pajón left several laughing emoticons in the publication.

The joke that El Mindo played on his mother


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Confirmed, El Mindo and Mar Aldana are no longer dating