Cristian Castro: the reason why he fails in love

love life of has always given what to talk about. The with three divorces and several failed relationships, finally, he has found the reason for the failure of his relationships and now he has proposed to correct those mistakes, what did the ?

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Cristian Castro has reaped a large number of hits throughout his career, with songs like “Azul”, ” Nunca voy a Olvidate” and “Vuélveme a Quiero” and, in addition, he has participated in soap operas.

However, in love, the singer has not had the success he expected, as in his albums, but he does not give up, he said in an interview with the program Día a día. What will be his strategy?

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The singer He said that he has not been so lucky in love, but he does not lose the illusion of getting married for the fourth time.

Throughout 14 years, the interpreter has arrived at the altar three times and he himself attributes it to the fact that sometimes he is usually a bit accelerated in love affairs.

“In truth, it has been rushed and that is why perhaps the failure has come, but I do not feel like a failure; I like to formalize when I’m excited with a girl, I think it’s very nice to take it to marriage. I don’t see divorce as a failure, simply that the situation is not progressing “he said in an interview with the program Día a día.

In order not to make the same mistakes, Cristian Castro has decided to change his strategy, especially in terms of timing: “Obviously it’s good to have more time before you get married to plan. Perhaps it would have been better to have more dating time with the relationships I had, and I think it has been bad for me, so we are going to have to change the technique “. And he added in a funny tone: “First we have to be… lovers!”.


has had three short marriages and did not go beyond the honeymoon, these are:

  • 2003. He married the Paraguayan Gabriela Bo, daughter of a wealthy family in his country. The marriage ended in July 2004 in Miami.
  • 2004. In July of that year, Cristian Castro arrived at the altar with his ex-girlfriend Valeria Liberman, a lawyer by profession, with whom he has two children, Simone and Mikhail. The divorce came in 2009 and with it a battle for possession. The minors stayed with his mother and the relationship with Castro fractured.
  • 2017. On May 23, Cristian married Carol Victoria Urban Flores, in Yucatán, at a hacienda called Xcanatún. The union only lasted 28 days. Their breakup occurred during their honeymoon.

Other women in the life of Cristian Castro

In addition, of his three marriages, Cristian Castro, in 2011, had a relationship with a Colombian woman named Paola Erazo, with whom he had his third daughter Rafaela Erazo, who maintains a relationship with her father. In 2019, the Colombian Martha Muvdi was his partner, but the relationship ended in bad terms. In 2021, Cristian announced that his girlfriend was a blonde named .

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Cristian Castro: the reason why he fails in love