Daniel Arenas and a proof of love for Daniela Álvarez that moved his followers

Photo: Instagram @danarenas
Photo: Instagram @danarenas

A little over 3 months have passed since the courtship between the actor was confirmed. Daniel Arenas and Daniela AlvarezMiss Colombia 2011. Since then, the couple has had a lot of media attention, since there has even been speculation about an alleged marriage.

And although the supposed commitment has not been confirmed by either of them, in recent hours a video was made public by which the curious assure that there are many tests that the 42-year-old bumangués is willing to go through, in order to be up to date. side of his beloved.

It turns out that in said recording, the moment in which the former member of ‘Protagonistas de Nuestra TV’ learns to make changes to his girlfriend’s legaccording to the type of shoe that she wants or should wear at the moment.

“Here is Wilfren, who is teaching Daniel how to make my leg fit for the heel, because today I am going to put on some boots,” Daniela Álvarez is heard saying, while Daniel Arenas adjusts the screws of his new prosthesis with a special key.

The reactions to the images were immediate and there were thousands of followers who, quite moved, commented on what they consider “a great proof of love”.

“You are definitely for each other”, “this man has sincere love for her and this is proof of that”, “I wish we all had such a sincere soulmate, congratulations” and “I think you learn more about that Daniel than Daniela herself”; are some of the messages they received.

It is worth mentioning that this accompaniment has been given because the also presenter is adapting to a new socketone of the most important elements of an implant for amputees, whose function is to transmit the strength of the remnant of the amputated limb to the rest of the prosthesis and keep it attached to the body.

“The process is not easy, but when we are surrounded by love and a team that works for you with enthusiasm and precision, everything becomes joy. I will show you more soon! Thank you Wilfren and Henry (my technicians), and to my boyfriend who is always with me,” Álvarez wrote in one of his Instagram posts.

It is also key to remember that by May 2021, Daniela Álvarez confirmed that she was no longer with Lenard Vanderaa and that the relationship had ended on good terms, after he was the one who accompanied her in the amputation process of her leg.

In that sense, the Barranquilla took the opportunity to mention that she had no way to describe in words the important role that her ex played in her recovery. However, several of his followers went against the Spanish actor and even threatened him and sent intimidating messages to his family.

For this reason, Vanderaa also decided to speak publicly about the breakup, in order to avoid rumors and insults against her mother and sister..

“It is very strong to hear that I abandoned her for another, because she is missing a leg, because she wanted followers … It does not enter my head how people can say this. I know that it is very easy to be from home, on the sofa and through a screen to say all these barbarities, insult, disrespect, but it is not like that, ”were some of her words then.


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Daniel Arenas and a proof of love for Daniela Álvarez that moved his followers