Do Men Like Fat Ladies?

Good day, our dear readers! Our article is dedicated to the question of whether men like fat Ladies! We will talk about what kind of figure men consider ideal! And should a fat girl go on diets to become attractive to men?

What kind of girls do men like – fat or thin? For our article, we conducted a survey among men! Read our article about the real preferences of men!

Fatness or thinness – do men like a fashionable figure

Any fashion at all times rowing under the same comb of all. If serious anorexia is in fashion, it is believed that only emaciated thin women are liked by men. A new trend is full thighs. It is automatically assumed that only a voluminous ass can attract a man’s gaze.

But fashion is set by a narrow circle of people! People who are not chasing life itself, but fleeting passing aesthetics! And it is considered unfashionable to believe in fashion trends that change too quickly and often. This paradox arose from the conflict of fashion and reality – the parameters of the” ideal ” body of a woman are incompatible with health.

And men’s tastes in General often do not change for the rest of their lives! And some people really have to lie to others and to themselves about their preferences, because they are not “fashionable”.

Conclusion of statistics: men like full and thin women in the ratio of 1:1! Moreover, men are looking for a slim, as from the cover, girl, mainly to show off it to friends, and not for personal happiness.

Fat or thin – what kind of girls do men like

Men who love fat or thin women say with one voice: a woman should love herself! And be relaxed both in communication and in bed. If a man is satisfied in an intimate way, he will not look for flaws in the figure of the woman he loves. And if she commands respect from others with her speech, then weight ceases to play a role at all!

One thing only men admitted-rarely anyone likes a bloated figure. Elastic fullness, when a thick layer of fat is felt under the pink elastic skin, a wide rounded ass and of course, a voluminous soft breast – and on average up to 85 kg with a height of 1 m 68 cm is not perceived visually as excessive fullness.

But if the body is loose, if the skin hangs in flabby folds, a limp chest swings from side to side, and the stomach seems to be swollen, then even 1 extra kilogram will be perceived as a serious disadvantage. With such a figure, it is better to keep thin. A man can only forgive a swollen body to the mother of his child. And no longer than a year after giving birth.

Men like plump girls-reasons

The reasons cover all areas of life. Some crumpets do not even know that fat girls are liked by guys both aesthetically and subconsciously! And that only the girl’s shyness prevents the guys from appreciating all her charm!

Full wife-prosperity in the house

A real man – the breadwinner! And if his beautiful wife is skinny, then even with a constantly full refrigerator, a man may feel that he can not cope with the house. That brings home little or not what you need. The more he feels this, the more often he thinks about children. After all, if my wife looks exhausted, then I can not feed the children!

And some jealous in order to “protect” his ladies are trying to be fattened up on purpose. Like, I love her like this, but other men will not molest her!

Complete woman is a good cook

This is sometimes not true. But mostly a plump girl likes to eat delicious food herself, and treat her man with a satisfying meal. And who of the men will not be happy with borscht, which was worked on by the caring hands of his beloved?

Kindness and q-factor

As psychologists say, the rumor that thin people are more evil than crumpets is often true. Everything depends on the person, of course, but food causes the production of hormones of joy. Those who like to eat just have more of these hormones. And fat girls do not like to find fault, because they know that they themselves are not the ideal of fashion. And they forgive men’s shortcomings more often than skinny women.

Family and children

Instinct urges a man to seek out a mother for his offspring. Sometimes a man’s views change depending on his desire to have children. Whether men like full ladies or not, it is the more voluminous forms that cause greater sexual desire during this period. A man unknowingly begins to feed his favorite more high-calorie food. In General, a plump lady looks healthy and ready for pregnancy.

Character of a woman

If a man is looking for character in a woman, then slimness takes a back seat. Or the third. Whether guys like plump girls for possible relationships is usually clear after the age of 25. And Mature men, unless they are trying to compensate for complexes or maintain status, are increasingly inclined to choose more voluminous ladies. They look more loyal and responsible.

How a full woman can find a man for a relationship

In the same way as thin! full woman can meet a man in the same places as any other! And a theater, and a Park, and a cafe, and a master class in wood carving! Although you need to make an impression in a slightly different way.

Open dresses are suitable for slender women, but a plump woman can not deny herself a moderate cleavage. Flashy clothing colors look vulgar – you need to choose suits of moderate tones. And the shoes should only be comfortable – a hobbling fat woman gives the impression that she is not healthy. Ideally, they should be shoes with a low, stable heel.

Flirting and flirting should be more smoothed out than in the case of a thin woman. A full body so looks more impressive, and you need to compensate for this by ease in behavior.

Smile and communicate with pleasure is mandatory! Cheerfulness is a necessary decoration of Your face! By the way, costume jewelry goes well almost always, so do not hesitate to complement your outfits with beads or bracelets.

And of course, self-love. Attractiveness appears when a woman values herself. Don’t be shy about your shapes – they are beautiful because nature thinks so! And don’t listen to crazy European fashion designers! The beauty of the models on one season, and Yours for centuries! Make sure of this by visiting any art gallery!

Whether men like fat girls: conclusion

From this article We have learned:

  1. Do guys like fat girls
  2. Why men like plump women
  3. How a plump woman can attract a man

The main thing is that Your sense of self is correct. You are beautiful both externally and internally! And the elegant lines of Your body are just a dream for some men! So allow yourself the pleasure of being desired!

Be happy! And see you again!

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