Doña Rosa wins at Premios Más, launches a message and fans of Chiquis Rivera react

A few days ago we witnessed the moment when they arrested madam Rosa in the airport from Miami, thanks to John Rivera who recorded everything. But not only recorded the awkward moment that the mother of Jenni Rivera coped with a lot of humor, but we were able to corroborate the good and fun relationship that Doña Rosa has with her son Juan Rivera. Part of Social media content that Doña Rosa has been producing for some time was awarded at the recent Más Awards.

This is the first edition of the Awards More (Prizes +), same as performs Lucho Borregoformer host of the now defunct show Telemundo, Tell me what you know, together with public relations specialist Elizabeth Hernández, and which rewards entertainment journalism, its greatest exponents and the best digital content by Hispanic entertainment figures. One of the winners of the night and that has surprised everyone was madam Rosawhom many know for being the mother of The Diva of the Band, Jenni Riveraand the grandmother of the explosive and talented Chiquis Rivera. To whom many indicate to have received the message Doña Rosa wrote in your account Instagram as a hint from his grandmother.

“Thanks to GOD, to you my followers for this award (Not Purchased) Awards Moreto Lucho Borrego and to Elizabeth Hernández for all her attention. THANK YOU, I will continue creating content to entertain you and let us continue to grow more and more”, was part of the text that accompanied the image of Doña Rosa with her Premios Más award in hand and accompanied by her son, also a singer, Juan Rivera. Let us remember that, of the last relatives that we know of who have recently won prizes, there is Chiquis Rivera which was awarded a Latin Grammy Award for best banda music album in 2020. Also his son Lupillo Rivera, who received the Grammy Award for Best Band Music Album in 2010 and who has been nominated 6 times with the same Academy. Therefore, Many of the followers came to think that the message of: “Not bought” could be Chiquis.

“There you speak Chiquis ” and “Mrs. Quiet Rosa looks better and she stopped sarcasm… Do not discredit if she really is a Christian, Thank you”. What madam Rosa He replied: “You think badly and tie knives. It is that there are many haters like you who then say: Where do I get it, buy it? But the truth is that they were mostly messages congratulating the mother of Jenni Rivera for his recognition: “Well deserved. madam Rosa“, “It gives me great joy to see her with awards. A big hello from Houston”, “Keep creating content and having fun with Mr. Pedro. Greetings”, “How beautiful madam Rosa. I like him very well”, among others.

madam Rosa has a fan page on Facebook and a channel Youtube called: “Doña Rosa Rivera Kitchen”. In it she publishes recipes while she prepares them and always has as a guest, even if it is sometimes unintentionally, some of her children and even her own ex, don pedro rivera. In addition, it also has its channel of Youtubewhere he also shares content and lately he has had more movement in his account Instagram.

madam Rosa is praised in his family precisely because of its food. A short time ago and before all this scandal between the children of Jenni Rivera and his brothers were unleashed publicly, the own Chiquis Rivera He always went to visit his grandmother’s kitchen, letting all his followers know that it was simply delicious. Doña Rosa has managed to captivate a digital audience with her antics as well. She has even gotten to converse with Mr. Pedro of a supposed reconciliation, which we know is part of the good vibes between them.

Doña Rosa Youtube channel, “Doña Rosa Rivera Kitchen”.

But it was precisely Chiquis Rivera the one that started all this digital content in the Riveras. The singer enjoys a good amount of millions of followers in Instagram, as well as on Facebook and her YouTube channel, has grown in the last year with the singer’s musical successes. She was joined by her sister Jacque Rivera who is about to reach 2 million followers on Instagram. follows him Lupillo Rivera with 1 and a half million. And the most recent are: Jennifer Lopez, who is quite an influencer and a curvy model. This is not to mention that you promote your own brands and others through your account; and John Riverawho had already been using his YouTube channel to share his musical content, just like Chiquis and Lupillo, but who has been using Instagram “Live” more to clarify various points for fans of the Rivera family, regarding the controversies that have arisen between them in recent months.

Same conflicts that seem to have diminished a little after the press conference that he offered John Rivera, after Chiquis Rivera also made a video explaining his point of view. Obviously, the press has covered every part of the family’s story and their fans a lot more. The latter taking sides towards the sides that they consider to be right. However, right now everyone seems focused on generating different types of content in terms of social networks and it is a fact that you are having a lot of success. madam Rosa and Chiquis Rivera they are a great example of that, each one with specific content and its own style.

CYoutube anal of Doña Rosa, “Doña Rosa Rivera Kitchen”.

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Doña Rosa wins at Premios Más, launches a message and fans of Chiquis Rivera react