Ebru Şahin and Cedi Osman, when will they get married?

Without a doubt, it is one of the most beloved couples in Turkish entertainment. Everything indicates that the actress Ebru Şahin, who starred in the TV series “” and who rose to fame with “Hercai”; and the basketball player are getting ready for their wedding, but the million dollar question is: When will it be?

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has become a star of Turkish series and soap operas and He is a young man who is characterized by being over two meters tall and playing in the United States NBA. He has Macedonian origins, but became a Turkish citizen.

The mediatic couple, who got engaged in in Cappadocia, he has a fairly full agenda due to his work activities, but the stop that Osman has made, suggests that the bells will ring yes or yes in the Ottoman summer.

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The athlete Cedi Osman, who plays for the Cleveland Cavaliers team in the United States, left the northern country a few days ago and took the opportunity to accompany his girlfriend to the shooting of his series Destan, which has just been renewed for a second season,.

What caught the attention is that the basketball player announced that he will stay in Turkey until September, which suggests that he will have enough time to organize the wedding, despite the fact that Sahin will not be able to relax his work pace much at least in the next few months.


The good sentimental relationship that the actress is going through Ebru Sahin with Cedi Osman It is demonstrated in each of the photographs that the artist publishes on her social networks (Instagram) and this feeling has been improving more and more to the point that the excited young woman received an engagement ring from her partner.

It should be noted that Cedi Osman he proposed to Ebru Sahin in the month of September 2021 in Cappadocia.

According to the media of the ring would have a value of one million Turkish liras which is equivalent to approximately more than 63 thousand dollars and the couple’s marriage could take place next summer.

Ebru Şahin and her partner Cedi Osman during the marriage proposal (Photo: / Instagram)
Ebru Şahin and her partner Cedi Osman during the marriage proposal (Photo: / Instagram)


Y Currently, they are considered one of the strongest couples in Turkey and despite the fact that the actress is very busy with the recordings of the series “Destan”, both manage their time to live beautiful moments.

But what has been known is that love between them was born at first sight, or rather, Cedi Osman was shocked with since he saw her.

“She is the chosen one… I knew it the day I saw her. I have the ring since last year, I plucked up the courage and offered it. It’s the best event of my life.” . .


Turkish actress and model She is best known for her work on “Hercai”. She was born in Istanbul, Turkey, on May 18, 1994. Taurus and 1.64 meters tall, the interpreter is considered a reserved person.

Although he has very little experience, it is enough for his talent to be recognized. In 2020 Ebru won an Altın Marka Ödülleri award and an Altın Palmiye Ödülleri; both for Best Actress. Last year she won the statuette in the same category at the 46th Altın Kelebek Awards.

At the same ceremony, he took home the award for Radiant Star and was nominated for Best TV Couple along with his partner from “Hercai: Love and Vengeance”, Akin Akinözü.

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Ebru Şahin and Cedi Osman, when will they get married?