Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores in marital crisis?

Kimberly Flores clears up all the rumors


Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores go to therapy

The couple formed by the singer edwin moon and the model Kimberly Flowers They have gone through many peaks in their relationship, a case that raised all the alarms and public opinion was the participation of Kimberly Flores in the last edition of The House of the Famous.

The House of the Famous It aroused many disputes, one of them was what was lived between Kimberly Flores and actor Roberto Romano, both were seen together on more than one occasion. These acts aroused the jealousy of the singer Edwin Luna, who appeared until the recordings of the competition, a fact that made Flores leave the reality show.

Several months later, the famous couple decided to reveal what was the best resource they used to avoid a marital crisis and break up a five-year relationship.

The couple assures that they are going to therapy

The couple revealed that they have gone to therapybefore the cameras of Grupo Imagen, they confessed how their experience was with the experts, who have helped them stay together, in addition, that the decision to do so was not to lose the family that they both built.

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For his part, the Mexican singer Edwin Luna commented that at one stage in his life he thought that going to therapy was for crazy people “psychologists and psychiatrists were for crazy people, that was my idea.” Now the view of him changed drastically because of all the support he has given them.

On the other hand, Kim said that taking therapy as a couple is very important, since both parties bring consequences of children, their environment and that sometimes that does not allow couples to work, “I have always said, therapy is very important as a couple. , because we bring sequels of children, of our environment “added Kimberly.

Also, Edwin stressed that they went to therapy to find out if they could really be together or not, and that after this they confirmed that they do want to be united. “We have always said, let’s go and see if we really have to be together, and we made the decision that we do. Thank God we are together,” Edwin commented.

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Recall that Kimberly made the decision to leave the reality show due to her husband’s unexpected visit, right in the middle of a controversy that could endanger her marriage, due to rumors of an alleged flirtation with Roberto Romano.

Kimberly Flores in The House of the Famous

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The participation of Kimberly Flores for the Telemundo reality show did not go under the table, because the model starred in one of the most notorious scandals of her career, her alleged infidelity with the Mexican actor Roberto Romano. For her part, the 50 cameras and 60 microphones of the competition captured more than one approach to the artists. Kimberly and Roberto were seen hugging each other, holding her hand, and the moment he took her by her waist while she brushed her teeth.

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Although all this fact seems to be in the past, the couple made up of Edwin Luna and KImberly Flores have decided to transform their relationship by confessing that therapy is the best formula that has helped them continue with their marriage.

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Edwin Luna and Kimberly Flores in marital crisis?