Elizabeth II strips Meghan Markle and Henry of England of the last remaining privileges

When, In January 2020, Henry of England and Meghan Markle decided to shelve to their life as members of the Windsors, they left behind not only a family, but also a secure and stable job for life. Official commitments that, being at the service of the queen, They provided titles substantial income and a great public image.

Two years after that withdrawal, and when it seems clear that the Duke and Duchess of Sussex they will not back down With that decision —at least in the short term— Isabel has begun to take matters into her own hands and reorganize her house. And that entails taking the final step of stripping her grandson and his wife of the last honors they had left: the leadership of her patronage. as well explained the Web of the British royal family, its members “are linked to hundreds of charities, military, professional bodies and public service organizations, some well known and others smaller and specialized or located at the local level”. When a Windsor is a patron of an association, the benefit is double: for that person it means the opportunity to be linked to a cause, to take action in its favor and to appear in public events in a certain area, while the organization receives great visibility . Only Isabel II is at the head of 600 patronages, despite having gone giving up some of them because of their age.

That same page of the royal family shows that Henry of England is at the head of 16 patronages, while Markle would have three (of the four that the queen assigned him three years ago now). But those data are outdated, because just yesterday it was known that Enrique has already begun to lose titles. This Tuesday, February 2, it has been known that Kate Middleton will be the new patron saint of the British Rugby League, the body established in 1895 that manages the competitions of that sport in the United Kingdom at a professional level, both male and female and in a wheelchair. . She has not been slow to get down to work: on her first day in charge, she has attended a training session at the Twickenham stadium, south of London

Middleton thus remains with one of the patronages most appreciated by his brother-in-law, who had been its vice-patron since 2010 and had had it in his portfolio since 2016. The youngest son of Charles of England frequently supported the English soccer team. In fact, in 2007, when England lost the World Cup in Paris to South Africa, Enrique could be seen drinking until dawn with the players of the national team, and the tabloids published the images of Enrique’s more than 24 hours of partying with the athletes.

Now it will be the Duchess of Cambridge who, in a very different way, presides over that patronage. She is one of the sport’s most supportive members of the royal family, and she already chairs tennis, croquet and sailing associations in her country. Rugby is something familiar to her since she was a child, and this is what her sister Pippa told her in an article in Vanity Fair eight years ago: “Rugby was a big thing in the family, we planned our weekends around the big games. We ate something quick on a tray, a chicken stew or something warm and very English. If we lost, my father would be in a bad mood all afternoon, as if he had lost himself.

Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is cheered on by players during an English rugby union training session at Twickenham Stadium in London on February 2, 2022.
Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge, is cheered on by players during an English rugby union training session at Twickenham Stadium in London on February 2, 2022.JUSTIN TALLIS (AFP)

The reasons for the decision to endow Kate with that patronage are now unknown but, on the one hand, two years have passed since Meghan and Enrique decided to leave the royal family, enough time to distance themselves, even more with all the controversy that has surrounded them during these 24 months and with the open criticism they have made of the institution, which have only further disassociated them from it. On the other hand, there was a practical matter, and that is that the 2022 Six Nations Rugby Tournament is about to start, and the organization already needs a figurehead. In fact, the British press suggests that it would be logical to see Kate and William of England in a match at the end of the month, because he is patron of the Welsh Rugby Union and on February 26 Wales and England will also face each other at Twickenham .

Kate’s new patronage is already confirmed, but it is only the first of those to come. As the British press explains, Meghan Markle will be the next to run out of one of those honors. The queen plans to give Camilla of Cornwall, the wife of Charles of England, the leadership of the Royal National Theatre. According to her, she has explained to The Times a nearby source, Camila was looking forward to that position. “I really wanted it. She was quite upset when she ended up in the hands of Meghan, and she will be more than happy to take it back now, after the disappointment of not being chosen in the first round, ”they affirm.

The Duchess of Cornwall, 74, is a big fan of theater and literature, in fact, she has a public book club. According The Times, its presence in the association will be constant and intense, because it intends to give prominence and visibility to an industry heavily hit by the coronavirus pandemic. It is common to see the Duchess in theater performances or visiting the actors behind the scenes. At the Olivier Theater Awards (the most prestigious in the country) held in October 2020, Camila showed her passion for the performing arts in an emotional speech. “I believe in theater. It is the cornerstone of a fertile cultural life, a forum for debate, and a powerful vehicle for building communities. And, perhaps more importantly, those of us who believe in theater believe in its resilience”, he affirmed, to thank all those who were part of that world for their “determination and flexibility” and tell them: “We need you and we have missed you”.

In the year that Markle was at the head of the board, he attended a public event related to it only once, in January 2019.

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Elizabeth II strips Meghan Markle and Henry of England of the last remaining privileges