Eugenio Siller, the actor who says he has been discriminated against for being “blonde” and “athletic”

wins in the , has a large following, is in good health, and is highly attractive to much of his audience. However, few would imagine that the artist’s physique has been, on some occasions, a great disadvantage for him. . According to the protagonist of many times he has been excluded from productions due to his appearance.

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Below, find out about the recent statements of the actorwho said he felt “discriminated against” for being blond and athletic.


after a long , Eugene Siller has confessed to . The actor The 41-year-old has stated that, despite what many may believe, he has been rejected by various cast managers or producers, due to his physical appearance. In this way, he says that he has been left out of important projects due to his color of his skin, her hairthe tone of your voice Y how does your body look.

“Ugh! You can’t imagine how many times this has happened to me. Yes they don’t like my voice, that if I am very white, What if I’m blonde?, yes very athletic. And I can understand not giving the type of the character; the bad thing then is the treatment you get from the cast managers or those who do the acting tests. In the United States, for example, I went to an audition and they cut me right in the middle: ‘Thank you, no. Next!’, and one feels very bad that they didn’t even let you finish,” revealed.

Likewise, he stated that he is aware that he made the decision to belong to a very competitive industry, for which he has had to get used to rejection. “It is not an easy race, I always knew it; the competition is hugeand I tell you, you always have to be breaking stonepreparing yourself and accepting that rejection is part of the actor’s day-to-day”, stated about his profession.

Finally, faced with this situation, he knew how to recover and improve his self-esteem: “I’ve already learned not to take it personally, and that helps a lot so that you don’t get hurt; it took me a long time learn to love and accept myself as I am”.


The famous interpreter he also stated that after the cruel rejections, he often thought about retiring from acting. However, seeing that he had opportunities to continue growing, he continued to strive to achieve his goals.

“Yes (I have thought about retirement), many times, but then they gave me call back (second call) in some project, and that encouraged me to think: ‘The good part is coming! And it is that producers or casting managers are often very cruel; on one occasion I went to leave my photo portfolio, and that person threw it on the desk, just like that, and that hurts”, revealed.


In 2021, siller He had already referred to his physical appearance in an interview with the magazine . On that occasion, the interpreter had stated that his appearance was not common in his country of origin and, therefore, he lives in a great contradiction since he was born.

I don’t look like MexicanAlthough I love my country and I am one hundred percent Mexican; that gave me some advantages and disadvantages for television at the time. The small window that there was for actors like me, I earned it in Mexico and it opened many doors for me. But again, arriving here (United States), you’re mexican, but you don’t look latinobut you don’t have a hundred percent American culture… Where do we accommodate you?”, he stated at the time.

Thus, he explained that it was difficult to be included in auditions, since he did not fit the Mexican or American stereotype.

My English is perfectbut they send me to latin casting Y they are not going to give them to me. One time my agent called me and said, “Hey, do you think you can play a Latino in this role?” And I replied: “Are you serious? Not that I do, I’m Mexican! I’m Latino, of course I can represent it.” But then the physical description of the character is black hair, dark skin…”concluded the artist.

The interpreter stated "don't look like mexican" (Photo: Eugenio Siller / Instagram)
The interpreter stated “not to look like a Mexican” (Photo: Eugenio Siller / Instagram)


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Eugenio Siller, the actor who says he has been discriminated against for being “blonde” and “athletic”