Evaluna Montaner and Camilo, their great love lessons

Evaluna Montaner and Camilo They are one of the couples of the moment. After two years of marriage, they are now preparing to be parents and their followers could not be more excited, because together they have shown that it is worth believing in love and forming a healthy bond. On I am Carmine We celebrate love and all its forms.

For the new generations, the couples we see in entertainment are usually an example to follow and curiously Evaluate Montaner and Camilo have been one of those chosen for how well they have done things, without scandals, without tragic events and always appearing to be in love, respectful of each other, loyal and very committed.

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Their life has taken a radical turn after announcing that they were expecting their first baby and today we remember what their great love lessons have been, those actions that have made them a couple to follow and one of the most loved by the new generations.

Evaluna and Camilo, a healthy, strong and inspiring love

The following points illustrate the positive aspects of the relationship between Evaluate Montaner and Camilosomething that all couples could learn from:

A love backed by faith

In an age where religion is often a very private subject, Evaluate Montaner and Camilo They have not been silent about the details about the faith they share and how it has given them the best gift of all, to each other. Now what Indigotheir baby is about to be born, both have stressed that it is an answered prayer and even a miracle, because the doctors told them that it would be difficult for them to be parents.

A close relationship with family and friends, but with limits

Camilo Echeverry and Evaluate Montaner have fallen in love online because of the relationship they have with their family, particularly with the Montaner where Camilo has become one more son and the singer himself acknowledges that the support of his father-in-law, Ricardo MontanerIt has helped his career. The parents of Camilo are also delighted with Eva Luna and although they seem like a big family, the young couple has known how to set limits to maintain a good relationship.

Motivating each other to be better

Own Camilo has mentioned in various interviews that when he fell in love with Evaluate Montaner He knew that he should be a better person and that he made many changes to be at his level, something that he is grateful for today because he could not have a more blessed life. Eva Luna is not far behind and has found in Camilo Echeverry the perfect partner to be your best version and soon, the best mom.

Projects as a couple and individuals for fulfillment

Even though Evaluate Montaner and Camilo they cause a sensation every time they present a project together like the song they made for their baby, they have also shown that a couple should have separate projects and thus have become the main admirer of each other. The musical career, the acting, the podcast, the books, Evaluna and Camilo They fall in love with their fullness as a couple and personally.

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A gossip-free relationship

Yes OK, Evaluna Montaner and Camilo Echeverry They have been very open with their relationship, the couple has managed to stay away from gossip despite their young age. Like any relationship, it is not perfect, but they have been able to do the dirty laundry at home instead of giving prominence to their differences like other celebrities.

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Evaluna Montaner and Camilo, their great love lessons