Extravagance and luxury in the purest style of the “Princess of Latin Pop”

Belinda appears in a photo he recently shared where he exudes luxury and extravagance in his purest style, the “Latin Pop Princess“He looked amazing with a very particular style.

The singer, Belinda, who has distinguished himself by making a difference in each of his appearances, turns the gaze again by showing one of the sessions for the Hindu magazine, “L’Officiel”.

With a psychedelic look and a big pink teddy bear on her head, Belinda she appears alone on one of the pages that make up the magazine in which she starred on the cover with Christian Nodal.

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Belinda in photo, shows off psychedelic outfit and pink teddy. Photo: Capture Instagram

The “naturalized mexican“, Belinda Peregrín Schüll, is shown in several photos with the colorful geometric outfit in other clothes, while on the cover of the January publication, she wears an outfit of orange pants with a large overalls and an off-white blouse to the which added a hat.

With an upholstered blouse in various shades through various geometric figures present in the long-sleeved garment with wide cuffs, the remembered actress of “Friends forever“(2000),” Adventures in time “(2001)” Accomplices to the rescue “(2002), accompanied the snapshot with pure emojis in the description.

The “fashion Icon“, carries a palette with sparks of colors and a teddy hat in pink fiucsa while she wears long nails of a low intensity pink color, which gained greater prominence thanks to the set of rings that she wore on each of her hands.

With a more natural make-up, the beautiful singer of songs like “Love at first sight“,” In love you have to forgive “, etc., highlighted his best features of the face which was captured with an air of surprise.

Immediately, the reactions for the native of Madrid, born on August 15, 1992, Belinda Peregrín, were present in the publication.

Beautiful My beautiful little doll, we love you queen shining as always, How beautiful, I feel ugly when I see this spectacular photo of Belinda… Doesn’t it happen to them?, Precious Goddess we love you, As sweet as the lollipop!, Beauty, Beautiful Queen , I love how beautiful, Those lips are about to burst one more prick and it was worth it, You have the prettiest eyes, Human perfection, Precious, Everything looks beautiful on you!!!, I adore you my beli, I love you, My beautiful Beli I will always support you!!! We have grown together, Goddess!

The comments, compliments and praise were not long in coming from the faithful “belifans” who greatly admire the “businesswoman“whom they filled with all their love and admiration.

In total, the photo shared 20 hours ago from the official account where it is currently “songwriter” adds 14, 6 million subscribers added 85, 281 likes.

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Extravagance and luxury in the purest style of the “Princess of Latin Pop”