Fedez, husband of Chiara Ferragni, announces that today is an important day, after the diagnosis of his illness

After sharing with his followers on Instagram that he faces a serious illness, fedezhusband of the influencer chiara ferraginiagain used this social network to share a message in which he revealed that this March 22 is a very important day for him, regarding this fight you’re facing for get your health back. The singer took advantage of this reappearance in networks to thank his family for the support and his wife who, he said, has been by his side at all times facing this difficult situation.

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Through one of his stories, the singer wrote: “Tomorrow will be an important day for me, I wanted to thank all the people who have written to me these days sending me many positive messages. Thanks to my wife who is always by my side day and night, thanks to my family and my parents who have done their best to keep morale high. Thanks to our two stars who manage to create magic without even realizing it. Give me the strength to face all this”, reads his Instagram account.

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Although Fedez did not reveal the reason that this day is so relevant, it is understood that it has to do with the difficult situation he is going through. It was the singer himself who shared with his followers that he faces a health problem of which he did not reveal the diagnosis: “I make this video to exorcise in the hope that it will be good for me too. Unfortunately, they found me a health problem, but, fortunately, it was found at a good time, which implies an important path, a path that I also feel I can count on”commented.

The singer explained why he prefers not to reveal the name of the disease, although he did not rule out doing so later so that people like him have more information about this condition: “I look forward to telling it in the future, because when I found out what I found out, reading other people’s stories gave me comfort.. If my story can bring comfort even to a person who may not be lucky enough to be surrounded by as many loved ones as I am with my beautiful family, it makes me to think that this parenthesis in my life has a use and I manage to give it a meaning, something that obviously cannot be given sometimes”, he explained.


Fedez and his problems in the past

This is not the first time that the singer talks about his health publicly, in 2019, during his participation in the La Confessione sul NoveFedez revealed that he was going through a situation that made him put all his attention on health: “They have found something called demyelination in my head, I am at risk of multiple sclerosis. I have to be controlled because it is a radiologically proven syndrome. This can be, of course, that it becomes sclerosis “He commented on that occasion. At that time, the singer revealed that this diagnosis made him change his perception of his life: “The reason for starting a path to improve and choose my battles. Starting today, if this happens… for me, why have I fought today? I realized that I had been behind a lot of nonsense, a lot of people who probably didn’t deserve it.”

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Fedez, husband of Chiara Ferragni, announces that today is an important day, after the diagnosis of his illness