Fernanda Castillo falls in love with a mini swimsuit and dazzles again with her squares

Fernanda Castillo falls in love with a mini swimsuit and dazzles again with her squareswell the actress she was seen with the most fun accompanied by family and friends in the beautiful port of acapulco.

Just a few days after showing off her marked figure in a two-piece swimsuit, today she does it again by sharing some of her favorite postcards. For many mothers, Fernando Castillo It has been an example to follow because it not only looks beautiful more than a year after giving birth but after a series of health complications, he managed to overcome.

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Although, the actress of “The Lord of the Skies” Y “intimate enemy” He has said little about what happened, he does not need to say more, the message of how much he thanks life for being here is constant and the way he enjoys every moment with his loved ones confirms it.

As he multicolored swimsuit a few days ago like another in pastel tones, they confirmed that Fernando Castillo She has one of the most enviable figures in entertainment and it is no coincidence, because she herself has revealed how much she cares about her diet and the nutrition and exercise experts who have helped her look and feel so good.

In the postcards that he shared, he also highlighted one with Erik Hayser, his partner and the son they share, Liam, who is already huge and could not have her more in love. A) Yes, Fernando Castillo returns to another of his great loves with the best energy.

Fernanda Castillo triumphs in her return to musical theater with “Seven times goodbye”

After taking a break from his professional life to dedicate himself to taking care of his health and his family, Fernanda Castillo is back And through the big door. In addition to having participated in a secret project that she will soon reveal more details about, she also returns to another of her great loves: the musical theater.

It is in the work of “Seven times goodbye”an original project of Allan Estrada Y Janet Chao where Fernanda Castillo shines as one of the protagonists. With original songs and a story that speaks of the multiple faces of love, the actress is giving something to talk about.

Fernanda is no stranger to musical theater. Although she has several times surprised her with the passion of her performances on stage, musicals have a special place in her heart after having participated in “Today I can not get up”, the musical work with Mecano themes.

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Fernando Castillo She stood out so much with her role as “María” that she was not only the protagonist for the play in Mexico, but she also did it for the Spanish version, an act that made her live on the other side of the ocean for several years.

Through social networks Fernando Castillo She has shared how much she has enjoyed this project and how grateful she feels with life for this opportunity to be and do what she loves the most.

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Fernanda Castillo falls in love with a mini swimsuit and dazzles again with her squares