Fernando del Solar gets married and shares details of the beautiful ceremony

Fernando del Solar gets married and shares details of the beautiful ceremony where he united his life with Anna Ferrothe woman who has become the queen of his life after being by his side in one of the most difficult times, when he fought lung cancer and some relapses.

Known for his great charisma and for shining as driver in various television programs, Fernando del Solar he became an icon by pausing his career to face the disease that was meant to take his life, lung cancer. At the same time, the presenter starred a highly public divorce with Ingrid Coronado and divided opinions.

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it was the pasto February 14, 2021 when Fernando del Solar completely closed the cycle with Ingrid Coronado by getting engaged to Anna Ferrowith whom he could not be more in love after everything they have been through together, because she supported him when his health was extremely fragile and was a key player in his recovery.

Fernando del Solar maintains a cordial relationship with Ingrid Coronado and so much so that one of the children they share, Paolo, was one of the accomplices in his commitment request next to Franchesca, the coach’s daughter.

Fernando del Solar and Anna Ferro met in 2016 after they coincided in a yoga class and today they are a happy and loving family, where their children could not be happier to see them together. They have lived together for a long time. but they were excited to get married and although they were supposed to do it last November, it finally came the big day last March 22.

With great enthusiasm, Fernando del Solar He shared one of the images of his wedding on social networks and pointed out:

“Finally, after asking her to marry me…I married this hottie Anna Ferro. In paradise itself…It was March 22 and she said “yes”…we succeeded”

The prestigious magazine “Hello” had exclusive access to the event and it is in its most recent edition where it reveals details of the ceremony held in the magical region of Cancun.

Fernando del Solar, in love with his wife, his family and life

For Fernando del Solr this is a new stage full of projects. Precisely a recent image next to his wife Anna Ferro raised suspicions that the presenter was expecting a child with her but for now they have not confirmed anything other than their marriage bond.

anna ferro not only has he done his best to form a great family with Fernando del Solar but also with the children of both, Luciano and Paolo of the presenter and she with her daughter Franchesca.

Although the experience with ingrid coronado It was difficult at the time, the presenter confirms that we must not lose faith in love and that when there is such a big change, life always has a way of giving us something better, something tailored and so on, Fernando del Solar and Anna Ferro start this new stage.

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Fernando del Solar gets married and shares details of the beautiful ceremony