Fernando del Solar’s wife reveals the driver’s cause of death: “his lungs were affected”

The Mexican entertainment world is mourning death of Fernando del Solarformer host of the program Venga la Alegría. Although the reason for his death was not immediately revealed, Anna Ferro, the current widow of the actor, specified in a press conference that her husband died after pneumonia, after his defenses went down after his father’s death.

“It was sudden, he came out of cancer, his lungs were very affected by 20 radiations, 59 chemotherapies, he fought and succeeded, it is a message for all those who have had cancer, yes you can and take your light everywhere. It was due to pneumonia. For him a flu was something very strong and this time he did not make it, but he fought it, he fought until the last moment. It was very sudden”, were Ferro’s words about how the presenter’s lungs were.

Aassured that the death of Del Solar’s father made the Argentine’s defenses lower and what started as a flu ended in pneumonia: “About two and a half weeks ago his father passed away, it was sad and it was something that he had a hard time overcoming, his defenses went down, he started with the flu and it got worse until he got pneumonia.” However, he assured that the rumor that his remains would be transferred to Argentina was false.

In the past Fernando del Solar had talked about when he found out that he was diagnosed with cancer hours before he was given an incredible job opportunity: “In the best moment of my life, the feeling of: The Academy. The host of La Academia, the star, in prime time, central time, that is, what I had always wanted, what I had always wanted, they were going to give it to me live that day, and at night, at 12 o’clock That night, the oncologist was going to receive me to confirm if I had cancer or not,” he said..

“I was in the forum receiving this happy news, but at the same time, imagine, with the fear that if in a few hours they tell me that I have cancer,” said the Argentine about how bittersweet that moment was. “The only thing the oncologist does is confirm that you have cancer. I remember that I used to get small in the chair while the doctor told me: ‘well, we’re going to do such treatment, and chemotherapies…’, and one becomes small and the only thing you want is to get out of that place to scream. And from that moment my life changed forever” he added.

“I remember that I went to bed and did not want to go out for almost a month. At that moment I remember that I spoke with the producer of ‘Venga la Alegría’ and told him: ‘Hey, I’m not going to introduce myself because I have this and I don’t have the desire or the strength to stand up in front of people and tell them something’“, was what Fernando del Solar finished recounting.

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Fernando del Solar’s wife reveals the driver’s cause of death: “his lungs were affected”