Finalists of “My name is” decided to share the prizes, this is the juicy sum of money that the imitators will pocket

In the image, the imitators in 'My name is' by 'Camilo Sesto', 'Leonardo Favio' and 'Maluma'.  Photos: Screenshots (CaracolTV)
In the image, the imitators in ‘My name is’ by ‘Camilo Sesto’, ‘Leonardo Favio’ and ‘Maluma’. Photos: Screenshots (CaracolTV)

After the last season of ‘My name is’ will come to an end on the night of this Monday, March 7, the imitator of ‘Camilo Sesto’, who was crowned the winner of the singing reality showannounced that He would share the millionaire sum of money that he took with ‘Maluma’, the other finalist, and with ‘Leonardo Favio’, who came in third place in the competition.

In dialogue with the Pulzo portal, ‘Camilo Sesto’ revealed that he would deliver a part of the $500 million that the Caracol Television program gave him for being the winner of this season, to the other two finalists of the musical contest.

”We have thought of an agreement, which I think is the fairest. We have a very solid friendship that we have been developing. We have reached an ideal that is to distribute the prize in some percentages where we all feel satisfied”, revealed ‘Camilo Sesto’ to the news portal.

The winner of this season also added: “Money is also a tool to fulfill goals and dreams, so we have reached an agreement where we are all going to win.”

It should be remembered that, despite the fact that ‘Camilo Sesto’ took $500 million, due to the occasional profit established in the National Tax Statutethe imitator is deducted 20% of the millionaire sum, that is, $100 million, so his final prize was $400 million.

Although the amount that the impersonator will give to his two stage companions is unknown, in dialogue with Pulzo, ‘Camilo Sesto’ indicated that, although the distribution of the money is initially agreed between him and ‘Maluma’ and ‘Leonardo Favio’, also They thought of granting a part of the prize to the other competitors because they assured that among all of them they “A phenomenal and beautiful season.”

It must also be remembered that Camilo Sesto not only did he win the grand final prize, since during the program He received $70 million in the competitions he participated in. For its part, ‘Leonardo Favio’ He took $440 million during the reality show, while ‘Maluma’, although he stood out for his performance, never won any financial prize.

In dialogue with Caracol TV, Alejandro León, who played Camilo Sesto In ‘My name is’, he revealed what his plans are now that he won the jackpot after being the winner of one of the most beloved reality shows by Colombians.

According to what the imitator told the media, he plans “travel the world, discover the sea, discover another countryWhatever it is, that’s what awaits me.”

For his part, the imitator of Leonardo Favio, who was one of the public’s favorites during his time on the ‘My name is’ stage, revealed on the ‘Día a Día’ program that, among his plans, he is allocating the money he earned during the competition to perform a tour with the two finalists and other participants of the singing reality show.

Likewise, the interpreter of the Argentine singer indicated to the Caracol TV program that, once he finishes his university career, he will also I would like to invest and start some projects in the area of ​​music and graphic design.

As to ‘Maluma’For now, it is unknown what he would do with the money that he would apparently receive from ‘Camilo Sesto’ and ‘Leonardo Favio’.


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Finalists of “My name is” decided to share the prizes, this is the juicy sum of money that the imitators will pocket