Flor Vigna’s blunt response to a follower who criticized her body

The artist reacted when she received criticism about her body
The artist reacted when she received criticism about her body

With over 5.5 million Instagram followers, vine flower She is very active on her social media. Since she launched her career as a singer, she made some changes in her social networks, and as she said, she also went through a personal metamorphosis that led to a firm stance against criticism. while holding a back and forth with his followersread a criticism of her body and published a blunt response.

A week after the premiere of her new song, “Una en un Millón”, the artist wanted to thank all her fans for joining the challenges she proposed and supporting her in this new stage. Through her stories, she opened the possibility of questions and answers to chat for a while with some of her followers, and one of the messages she received from her caught her attention because it was a negative comment about her figure: “How fat are your legs! They look like a footballer, but with cellulite!”.

Next to an image of one of her poll dance classes, the dancer picked up the glove and replied: “I like to eat well and be strong to dance, jump, and whatever comes. From family, we are from power hams”. She also emphasized the importance of respect, a value that she carries as a flag both for herself and for others. “I think we are all learning to talk to our bodies better and making comments like this is totally archaic.”sentenced.

Flor Vigna's response to a user who criticized her legs
Flor Vigna’s response to a user who criticized her legs

Each body is different and the comments of others are already vintage for evolution, daddy”, he expressed forcefully. This is not the first time that she exposes some of the hundreds of messages that she receives to call for reflection. At the end of January, a follower questioned the artistic turn of her career towards singing, and she did not hesitate to answer him.

“Study something, look for a job, that will give you mental health, especially so you stop having surgery on your face,” commented a user in one of his posts. Vigna did not let him pass and clarified: “I study, work and achieve everything I dream of with preparation, focus, family and friends who motivate me. Thanks for your dedication, but I’m fine. Use your energy for yourself, for sure life becomes more beautiful if you focus on what you love and not on what you hate.

It should be remembered that in November 2021 the artist deleted all her Instagram posts to focus her content on her musical career. These days she accumulates little more than twenty posts, where she also dedicates some praise to her partner, Lucian Castro. Since he released the video clip “UY!”, bet fully on her facet as a self-managed composer and producer to generate new songs. this is how it came “Loose”, with the collaboration of Miss Bolivia, and later his new single, “Una en un Millón”.

Since his departure from “The Academy” of ShowMatch He had already explained that during the quarantine due to the coronavirus pandemic he focused on taking singing and acting classes. In a recent interview with teleshow The actress said that she chooses to prioritize her projects, and organizes her budget to achieve her goals. “I touched savings and, for the first time in my life, I had to start talking about money, unions, investments. The secret is in the click of the head, in the change of beliefs. Today I prefer to ride my bike everywhere and find a way to subsistence to spend only on my dreamBecause it’s worth it,” he explained.


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Flor Vigna’s blunt response to a follower who criticized her body