“For him it was also a dream”: Francisca reveals the moment she saw Francesco cry on her wedding day

After your big wedding in the Dominican Republic, Francisca returned to Wake up America. Happy to have fulfilled one more dream, the Dominican shared details of her relationship with Francescowho said he cried when he saw a very special moment, in addition to being honest about having enjoyed this magical day with his mother.

“He was a very involved boyfriend and for him it was also a dream. I have an image of him crying when we got home and his father carries Gennaro and he told me ‘I waited so long for this moment, to see my family united like this’. So thanks to you for being a part”, Francisca expressed.

Baby Gennaro’s triumphal entry and more unmissable moments from Francisca and Francesco’s romantic wedding

Through tears, the Dominican also spoke of that special moment of her son, Baby Gennarowhen he did his triumphant entrance to the religious ceremony mounted on an electric cart to witness the union of his parents before God and stealing the looks and smiles of the guests:

“I’m not crying with sadness, I’m crying with happiness because I’m very grateful to God who gave me the opportunity to live a dream,” said the happy mother.

Francisca and Francesco in front of the altar: the vows dedicated to their dream wedding

In addition, the winner of Nuestra Belleza Latina 2015, shared that it took her a few years organize this party so unforgettable and special for her and Francesco, who lived on Friday May 6 in La Romana, Dominican Republic:

“Everything happened at the time it had to happen. I only met the wedding organizers when Francesco asked me for my hand, “said the Dominican.

The religious wedding was planned to take place in Italy, but due to the pandemic, it could not be held on the European continent, and finally they chose to do it in the country where Francisca grew up and where her whole family lives.


Francisca and her mother’s dream wedding came true

Excited and with a lump in her throat, Francisca opened her heart to tell what it meant to see her most big dream and live it in the company of his dear mother, Mrs. Divine Montero.

The presenter recalled that special moment in which Divina was waiting for her to take her to the altar where he would meet Francesco:

“Walking hand in hand with my mother was the most important and special thing because it was a way of telling her that everything she did for us was worth it.”

The moment when Francisca appeared dressed as a bride with her mother: the tender words that were dedicated

Francisca went on to say that it was very hard for her mother to support her family after dad’s death of the former beauty queen when she was just five years old: “It has been a woman who suffered a lot… He gave his best to make good children”.

The Dominican also referred to her past and the times she dreamed of finding a good man like Francesco and starting a family:

“Those things were not allowed for girls like me. And I remember many times, marrying a man like that were things that I was not allowed to do.”

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Crying, Francisca shared the times she dreamed with her mother of having full happiness in the future when she was still in her native Dominican Republic and before embarking on her trip to New York where she would begin her journey to get to where she is today:

“Many times my mother and I would talk, she would say to me like ‘my daughter, will beautiful things happen to us one day?’… We looked at each other a lot (at the wedding) and we remembered those moments. God has been very good to me and to my family, and now I have the opportunity to raise a son with beautiful, different values,” she expressed.

Francisca also remembered the moment when he danced with his mom to the rhythm of the song ‘How do I pay you?’ de Lenier: “I can only repay him with moments like this. Seeing her like this, so happy, so full, when she saw her dress so beautifully, with makeup, she looked like a queen, “she concluded.

Francisca and Francesco swore eternal love to each other in a spectacular ceremony in Altos de Chavón in the Dominican Republic. Accompanied by their families, their baby Gennaro and close friends, the couple was finally married by God’s law on Friday, May 6.

The spectacular and emotional arrival of Francisca and Francesco at the wedding

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“For him it was also a dream”: Francisca reveals the moment she saw Francesco cry on her wedding day