Francisca Méndez-Zampogna crying over her mother: “How do I pay you, mom, for everything you did for me”

Francisca with her mother Doña Divina.

Francisca with her mother Doña Divina.

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“How do I repay you mom for everything you did for me”… crying, Francisca Mendez-Zampogna returned to ‘Wake up America’ after her wedding with Francesco Zampognaand dedicated a special moment to the woman who gave her life, and was left a widow when the presenter was only 5 years old.

Accompanied by her friends and colleagues Alan Tacher, Karla Martínez, Satcha Pretto, Jessica Rodríguez, Chef Yisus Díaz and Raúl González, Francisca told about her wedding, and while special moments of that dream day for her were shared, the beloved Dominican spoke of her mother, Doña Divinaand from that, cAs she exclusively told us, it made her feel like a fairy tale princess, taking out the Cinderella that she claims lives in her.

Walking hand in hand with my mom was the most special thing, because it was a way for me to tell her that everything she did for us was worth it… She has been a woman who suffered a lot, my dad died when I was 5 years“Fran began saying without being able to contain the tears.

Her companions, moved as she was, listened to her story in silence:

I don’t cry of sadness, I cry of happiness, of gratitude to God who made me live a dream. When I was a child those things were not allowed for girls like me. I remember many times, when I was a girl, marrying a man like that were things that were not allowed to me, and suddenly having everything that same day, the union of his family, of mine… When many times with my mother we talked and She told me: ‘M’daughter, will beautiful things happen to us? Will we go to the United States? Will you get married someday?… All the time we looked at each other that day, and we remembered, and we said: ‘we made it’. God has been very good to me and my family, and now I have the opportunity to raise a son with different valuesFrancisca continued explaining.

As she herself recounted on more than one occasion, His mother had to take care of her children very young when she became a widow, without many resources, she took them all forward and the children good people. Francisca not only saw her suffer because of that, but because of a second husband of hers who mistreated her. Therefore, seeing Doña Divina happy was another dream that she always wanted to fulfill.

Precisely one of the parts where her mother looked happier was when they both went out on the wedding floor to dance:

“That was one of my favorite moments, because I have many beautiful moments with my mother dancing salsa, she teaching me, and then that song where she says: ‘how do I pay you?’… How do I pay you, mommy? With moments like this, seeing her so happy, so fullWhen she saw herself with her beautiful dress, makeup, she looked like a queen… I have no way to repay God for so many blessings, it was not only Francesco and Francisca’s day, it was my family’s day, it was their family’s dayIt was a very beautiful union, and God, thank you for all your blessings.

In this story where your friends and colleagues just listened to her, there were also words for her husband:

Francesco was a very involved boyfriend, for him it was also a dream, I have an image of him crying when we arrived at the house and his father was carrying Gennaro, he told me: ‘I waited so long for that moment, to see my family so united ‘”.

Let us remember that after two years of waiting, when due to the pandemic they had to cancel the religious wedding they had planned in Italy, Francisca and Francesco got married this weekend in La Romana, Dominican Republic in a wedding just as they dreamed it, like a princess story.



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Francisca Méndez-Zampogna crying over her mother: “How do I pay you, mom, for everything you did for me”