Gaby Spanic and her time at Miss Venezuela

Gaby Spanic makes confession of the arrangements of her body


Gaby Spanic and her time at Miss Venezuela

The first meeting of Gaby Spanic with the media occurred when she participated in 1992 in Miss Venezuela, since then she had the conviction ofand that he would achieve all his goals.

With only 18 years, Gabriela Spanic, had only one dream in mind to be an actress and take the crown of Miss Venezuela. On that occasion, she represented the state of Guárico, a town where she was born on December 10, 1973, in the so-called “Most beautiful night of the year” today’s stars Natalia Streignard, Michelle Badillo and Scarlet Ortiz competed.

Gaby has shared on her social networks some memories of her participation in the prestigious contest, although in the end Gaby did not go to the finalists, thanks to this platform she was immediately able to launch her career as an actress when she was called to participate in various soap operas in the country.

the story of cinderella

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Miss Venezuela was the perfect platform to open the doors to the entertainment world for the former beauty queen, she recounted in a past interview what she went through many circumstances to represent her state.

This is how Gaby Spanic was Miss Venezuela | The minute that changed my destinyGabriela Spanic tells us her experience about her participation in a beauty contest in Venezuela and how, despite not winning, she was chosen by one of the judges. See the full interview at Visit the networks of The minute that changed my destiny Facebook: Twitter: Or on our…2017-10-08T02:28:27Z

“I came from a very humble family and the whole town did raffles and things to buy me my dress with a very famous designer today. Suddenly, on the day of the contest, the dress (was) torn and it was not the model we had chosen. This designer said that they entered his atelier and ruined the dress. It was horrible. Like the Cinderella story. He also had to take care of the shoes, “said the actress.

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For her part, the singer also revealed that there were many mishaps she had with her dresses, in addition to cutting her image in previous recordings of the contest, at that time she felt very vulnerable.

After finishing the competition, Gaby Spanic says that she cried, ate chocolate and went to an Italian restaurant to eat carbohydrates because she “was hungry” to be able to be at the weight that was required of her according to her 1.75 meter height.

your dreams came true

Her imposing beauty, her blonde hair and her impressive figure made Gaby stand out in the beauty contest, although she could not take the crown if she managed to fulfill one of her great dreams, to be an actress.

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However, he believes that putting aside the negative, he learned the discipline and won a scholarship. “Yes, it was a lot of effort, the illusion of a teenager to be in a contest, but the positive thing is that I won my scholarship to act.”

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Osmel Sousa proposed to Spanic that she participate in the international reign of coffee, she ruled out this possibility, at this time Spanic was studying psychology, she abandoned her career to dedicate herself to modeling and acting, she studied at the Luz Columba Theater Research Center.

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After the Spanic contest, it was not long before she showed that she had everything to be a great soap opera protagonist. After several years working in Venezuela, Gaby traveled to Mexico in 1998 to star in “La usurpadora”, a soap opera that launched her to world stardom and strengthened her international career.

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Gaby Spanic and her time at Miss Venezuela