Gaby Spanic makes confession of the arrangements of her body

Gaby Spanic makes confession of the arrangements of her body


Gaby Spanic makes confession of the arrangements of her body

The actress Gaby Spanic She has always shown herself as a healthy woman, through her social networks she still confirms that she has an enviable body, but what are the aesthetic arrangements that she has subjected to her body?

The image of Gaby Spanic has been very controversial, her time in reality shows, her scandals and her projects are always on everyone’s lips, now the Venezuelan wears an impact silhouette, What tweaks were done?

Retouches by Gaby Spanic

Gaby Spanic doing stretching exercises | the house of the famous#GabrielaSpanic #gymnastics2021-08-31T07:24:25Z

The actress made it very clear that discipline, good nutrition and an exercise routine is the best thing to have a healthy body, recently in an interview The artist confessed that indeed, she was in the operating room to give herself a little help in the body, although she made it clear that she is also disciplined in her care. “I do a lot of exercise. I did the dance program and lost a lot of weight, twelve kilos, ”she mentioned to the media.

Gaby Spanic makes a strong confession about her aesthetic arrangements in the bodyAfter various rumors about the silhouette of Gabriela Spanic, the actress decided to confront them and revealed that she had used the scalpel. Did it have consequences?For some time now, Gaby Spanic has been in the eye of the hurricane for various reasons such as her participation in a dance program and, later, for being part of the star cast in…2022-02-13T02:26:07Z

“I did a few things for Christmas,” he confessed. “Do little things with the scalpel, details; because I’ve always had a good body. I took off the bunda (buttocks), the plump (abdominal fat)”.


He also assured that the day of Love and Friendship is every day “you have to make love to life” were the declarations of the eternal “Usurper” when asked how he was going to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

What tweaks did Spanic do?

The beautiful actress internationally recognized for starring in the soap opera La Usurpadora, tries to remain more beautiful than ever to continue conquering the hearts of her admirers. The also singer now sports a more pronounced waist and firmer buttocks, than the They have become a sensation among their followers.“We are going to give a little more waist, a small buttock lift using technology to tighten your skin that is a little flaccid over time,” explained the Surgeon of the Famous.

what are your next plans

Soon we will see Spanic return to soap operas with the role of “Elisa” in “Corazón Guerrero” as a selfless mother who will once again show the acting versatility of the actress. For his part, this will also be the return of producer Salvador Mejía, who worked together on the hit “La Usurpadora.”

Likewise, Spanic has explored her facet as a writer with “Enigmas and Reflections” a saga where she will tell her deepest secrets, as well as several collections that will come out partially with the main objective of giving a message of love to all her fans.

According to the text description published in amazon, this series of books is an autobiography where the diva recounts her toughest experiences, among other things. “They are talks with myself that show the degree of sadness, depression, confinement, discontent, anger. Everything she lived and expressed to let off steam. As I have said, the creation of the saga began with a desire to tell my life experiences directly. The idea was to write a book that included the reality of the circumstances that have surrounded me, especially in the last decade”.

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Gaby Spanic makes confession of the arrangements of her body