Gaby Spanic: meet the new member of her family

Gaby Spanic meet the new member of her family


Gaby Spanic adopted a puppy

Gaby Spanic She is an artist very close to her audience. On her Instagram account, she shared with her more than two million followers the great news that she adopted a dog, since the eternal “Usurper” is a great admirer of her pets.

Gaby Spanic was melted with love to adopt a new petthe Venezuelan shared the name of the new member of her family as he was baptized as “Money” due to the request of her son Gabriel de Jesús.

“Today I adopted another dog! I’m so happy!” , he wrote on his Instagram profile. “It’s one of the best things this month! She is a dog and my Gabo baptized her MONEY, hahaha ”, she added next.

In addition, Spanic closed the month of March with a flourish, not only for his role in the telenovela “Corazón Guerrero” but also for the great decision to adopt the new furry member of his clan. “is one of the best things this month! “commented the also singer.

The artist shared a video where you can see the little puppy still in the dog adoption center. “Here are some beautiful children for you to come and adopt,” Spanic is heard saying in the video. “I’m going to take this black girl… Hello, my beautiful black girl… I want to take them all,” Spanic assured.

Gaby Spanic misses Gabo and his puppies a lot at La Casa De Los Famosos2021-08-31T14:28:38Z

With this noble act, Gaby Spanic invited all her fans to join an adoption campaign and thus contribute their grain of sand to protect rescued animals.

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“You who follow me on social networks know that I want us to be a community of people who use their voice and influence to share what is good: adopt!”, he pointed out in the publication. “📌 Be part of that chain of good and share a good deed!” she added.

Gaby Spanic encourages her followers to adopt a dog

Gaby Spanic is an artist close to her fans, throughout her career she has defended their rights and raises her voice to present her point of view, this time she encouraged the adoption of pets and being part of a chain of good deeds .

Many of her followers applauded Gaby’s act, her partner Sonya Smith was one of the first to react to the video and celebrated the arrival of the new member of the Spanic family. “How beautiful your new companion! Gaby always with a big heart! Kisses!😘😘😘». To which the Venezuelan artist did not hesitate to reply “so beautiful”.

“What a nice gesture my love,” commented a fan, for her part, there were quite a few gestures of affection for the intelligent decision to spread the idea of ​​rescued pets.

We applaud the great decision of Gaby Spanic, in addition to feeling happy with her new interpretation of “Elisa”, a mother with a “Warring Heart”. Like her interpretation, Spanic has been a woman who has come out ahead despite adversity and has established herself as a great actress on the small screen.

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Gaby Spanic: meet the new member of her family