Gizem Arıkan, the actress of “Ömer, stolen dreams” who is not very good at love

What happened to Gizem Arıkan? The Turkish actress rose to international fame with the role of Meryem in the soap opera “”, along with Emre Mete and Ali Yasin Özegemen. The interpreter, in this way, boosted her career and popularity. For this reason, his recent statements about his luck in love have sparked a series of comments and reactions among viewers and followers of the remembered television production that reached various parts of the world such as Spain, Mexico, Peru, among others.

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will be 8 years old on February 10, 2022. He is a native of the province of istanbul and, from a very young age, he had already shown signs of the enormous talent he had for the performing arts.

the young celebrityIn addition, he has recently declared in the magazine Hurriyet that acting is the great passion of his life and that he will do it”until I die”.

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In fact, when my friends say you can act for free, I go immediately”, he told in said medium. In addition, the artist ventured to tell a more personal detail of her life: her situation in the .

Gizem Arikan in a photograph for his followers on his social networks.  (Photo: Gizem Arikan/Instagram)
Gizem Arikan in a photograph for his followers on his social networks. (Photo: Gizem Arikan/Instagram)


Turkish actress Gizem Arikan, who starred in the telenovela “Örem, stolen dreams”, He has said that he is doing poorly in love because “I can be a bit difficult when it comes to relationships”. This was stated in an interview for the magazine “Hurriyet” in Turkey.

“That’s what they usually say. I am very clear, but my clarity is difficult. I have limits and walls and I can’t change it very easily. The worst thing is that I expect the other person to act as if what I say is all true. I’m trying to change it but it doesn’t work”, stated the celebrity to said publication.

In addition, she was very clear in saying that “I’m not very good at love”. “I’ve been alone most of my life.” He said Arikan, who also clarified that “I don’t live to be in a relationship either. I am very happy with this situation”.

The artist, thus, has clarified that, although he has had problems in the sentimental, this situation does not take away his sleep and, when it is his turn to turn the page, he does so in due time to be able to continue with his goals.

I close things. If we constantly open the old notebook, we can’t look forward.”explained the Ottoman interpreter who is currently one of the revelations on television in your country.

Gizem Arikan in the person of Meryem de "Ömer, stolen dreams".  (Photo: Stellar Yapım)
Gizem Arikan in the person of Meryem from “Ömer, stolen dreams”. (Photo: Stellar Yapım)


Arikan, In addition, he began an acting career participating in the film “5 States of Love” in 2016. He then acted in “Organic Love” and in the tv series “Bir Deli Ruzgar”. In 2019 he had his first leading role in “Ömer: Stolen Dreams”, and a year later he played the character of Didem in the series “Bandit Does Not Rule the World.”


The Turkish actress is also an international star on social media. Her role as Meryem placed her in a showcase that has served to make her name known outside of Turkey; a proof of them are the followers in your account Instagram, where he has formed a community of more than 239 thousand followers.


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Gizem Arıkan, the actress of “Ömer, stolen dreams” who is not very good at love