“Gossip No Like”: why Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani resigned from Estrella TV

One of the programs most tuned in by the Mexican audience is ‘‘, hosted by controversial and well-known celebrities, Y. The show that comments on the “hottest news of entertainment and the world of celebrities” was born on YouTube, although shortly after it collaborated with various television media such as Estrella TV.

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Although everything seemed to be going well with the television network, it was recently confirmed that Beristain and Ceriani they resigned amicably and on the best terms. This has surprised the public, who fear that the end of the program has come.

Although it is not surprising that Pepe Garza’s wife has given up the project, because the same thing happened when he was in the reality show, in the case of the Argentine things are different. Javier maintains an extensive career in the middle, so this is not usually common in him.

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Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani are the drivers of 'Gossip No Like' (Photo: Elisa Beristain / Instagram)
Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani are the drivers of ‘Gossip No Like’ (Photo: Elisa Beristain / Instagram)


In statements to the newspaper La Opinion, the drivers of They confirmed that three weeks ago they took a step next to Estrella TV. At the moment, neither the television network nor the celebrities have shared an official statement, although the resignation is already a reality.

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What was the reason for the resignation?

During the telephone interview, Beristain and Ceriani expressed that they have not announced the news, since they are finishing closing other offers, so they want to wait to make a single announcement when they have decided who they will work with.

Despite this, in a live video made by the Argentine, he commented that the decision was made due to differences of interest: “The decision was ours, but on good terms because of what we want to do and what they are looking for as a channel. No agreement was reached on this project.

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‘Gossip no Like’ becomes a franchise

Previously, Elisa Beristain told how the program is becoming a franchise, where together with her colleague they are the “owners of the circus”. For his part, Ceriani said they want to maintain their independence, so they do not have extensive contracts with television media.

“Our editorial line is guided by us and we want to continue maintaining that independence and not tie ourselves to excessively long commitments. It is not what has happened with Estrella but it is something that, at this point in our careers, we do not want to lose “he pointed.


Javier was born in Argentina, but his acting career made him move to the United States, where he made his way on television. At 50 years old, he is the holder of some Emmy awards, thanks to the report he made on Virginia Vallejo, the woman who had an affair with Pablo Escobar.

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“Gossip No Like”: why Elisa Beristain and Javier Ceriani resigned from Estrella TV